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1.1 What is ACF? 

Ascent Combat Framework (ACF for short) is a multi-modules C++ Plugin for Unreal Engine 4 and 5 that provides an extendable and easy to use framework to build your Action RPG games in a very short amount of time.  It is composed by a set of different tools and is natively networked BUY NOW!

1.3 Why ACF is different from other assets?

ACF is like an RPG Maker, but for AAA games. It is not designed to be a ready to go system, but a “Systems builder” with a great focus on extendability. This is NOT a blueprint base combat system with pre-made logics, even if a pre-made sample project is provided for learning purpose. This one is a C++ generic framework with a basic combat implementation (melee and ranged) that does not take any assumption on the game you are building, and that you can expand as much as you want. So this a base framework you’ll have to Extend, instead something you’ll have to modify, making your codebase SOLID (

This is done to avoid to give to your game that "asset flipper" feel that most of the garbage indie game have when made with pre-made assets, while giving the ability of the ACF user to create something polished and unique as the game you can see in the trailer.

1.2 Usefull Links

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