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Changelog To 3.4:

  • NEW FEATURE: Swimming

  • Improved damage feedback with Red Material (can be disabled)

  • BUGFIX: Rotation jitering in aiming in multiplayer

  • BUGFIX: Mantle sometime not replicationg location properly

  • Added a lot of new functions and dispatchers to Equipment Component and Statistics Component for UI

  • NEW FEATURE: New area damage spell + support for area damages within CollisionsComponent

  • Pickups and world items can now have Currencies

  • NEW FEATURE: Impacts manager that depends on the hit material for any kind of damage

  • Improved Shooting

  • Added Unarmed Combat to the Sample Project

  • Added ACF Assistant widget (to be expanded)

  • Attached projectiles can now be picked up again

Changelog To 3.3:

  • NEW FEATURE: Vault & Mantle System

  • Forward Facing locomotion

Changelog To 3.2:

  • NEW FEATURE: Waves System & Waves game mode

  • NEW FEATURE: New controller on UE4 Manny

  • Added niagara trails for collisions comp

  • Improved Armor logic

  • Fixed projectile going throught walls

  • Adjusted shooting sight for Fireball

  • Improved shooting phisics to projectiles

Changelog from 2.0  TO 3.0:

  • NEW! Motion Warping integration in most of the Actions

  • NEW! Character Controller module

  • NEW! UE5 Lyra style controller

  • UE4 “Old school” generic controller for UE4 characters

  • NEW! Generic Quadruped Controller

  • NEW! Massively Improved Actions System

  • IMPROVED - Actions are now grouped in ActionsSet and stored in the Actions Manager Comp

  • NEW! Hands and foot ik integration using Control Rig

  • Enhanced Input Integration

  • Improved Save System Interface to lt you select the needee component

  • Combined Animation system now uses Anim Warp to align the characters

  • NEW! Improved mount system for on horse aim replication

  • NEW! Sustained Actions for charged shots / long actions with loop animations

  • IMPROVED collisions manager for cross frame accuracy

  • IMPROVED collisions manager for multishape trace, large swipe trace and Area damages

  • IMPROVED block system, now you can add blocking functionality to a character or a weapon by adding the blocking component

  • Collisions Manager now supports niagare

  • NEW! Shooting System, with logics extracted by Lyra Source Code

  • NEW! Impacts manager for VFX

  • NEW! ACF Vehicles

  • IMPROVED Damage Calculation logic, now is in the damage component

  • IMPROVED Items can now be assigned to more than one slot

  • IMPROVED ARS: now every attribute in the AttributeModifier can have his own set for additive/percent

  • RENAMED: Removed Parameters, Now there are PRIMARY ATTRIBUTES for the generation and ATTRIBUTES and STATISTICS to be generated

  • IMPROVED VFX management in Effects Manager, now you can store them ind ata asset to avoid copy pasting them for every character

  • Added mount action to display mount / dismount animations

  • AI GROUP Spawns now have IN GAME widget to select the spawn points of the units

  • Various improvement to AI Group fights


  • Fixed foostep noise replication

  • Fixed AI not returning home some times

  • Fixed itemdb struct not compiling sometimes

  • Fixed a bug inw hich teams get stucked to World Static

Changelog from 1.3  TO 2.0:

  • Automatic Save System - NEW!

  • Chests & Storages - NEW!

  • Procedural item Generation for storages - NEW!

  • Block & Counter System - NEW!

  • Advanced Damage Calculation Class - NEW!

  • Improved Animation system readability readability - IMPROVED!

  • Stops animation, Leaning & improved locomotion - IMPROVED!

  • Cleaner & More oprimized Inventory / Equipment - REFACTORED!

  • Separate Dual Hand handling - NEW!

  • Improved Shooting - IMPROVED!

  • Ammo Management & reload - NEW!

  • Shoot at Screen Center Action - NEW!

  • Implementable AI Framework Condition - IMPROVED!

  • Improved group battles to be less chaoutic - IMPROVED!

  • Runtim Add / Remove, Spawn / Despawn Companions - IMPROVED!

  • REPLICATED Crafting System - IMPROVED!

  • New Collision Channels for Teams - IMPROVED!

  • REPLICATED Combined Animations System - IMPROVED!

  • Combined Animation system now uses gameplay tags - IMPROVED!

  • Crouch System - NEW!

  • Improved code cleaningness & const correctness - IMPROVED!

  • Crouch / Uncrouch - NEW!

Changelog from 1.0  TO 1.3:


Full Aim Offset Replication

Added Multi team support (thank @Fred )

Added Magic & spell System with healing, projectile & summon

Added Music manager

EXPERIMENTAL Full dedicated Server support

Added Linux Support (Thanks @Beazy)


Damage dealing flows moved to the CollisionComp/Damage Handler completely


Optimize FX replication 

Moved names to FTEXT

Various mount interface improvements

Various Networking improvemnts

Added getter foractions cooldown (thanks @Mighteemouse )


Fixed Armor replication bug

Fixed Crafting on spawning items issue (thanks @xermao)

Fixed wrong iSEquipped boolean in Equipment

Check CAS distance if it's below minDistance in executions


New TPS Sample (Thanks @OneSilverLeaf™ )

New Mount Sample

New Mage system with summons

New Multi Team Sample

New Execution Sample

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