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1.1 What is included?

ACF toolset includes: 

  • Complex generic Character Controller with locomotion and animation controller

  • Actions System: a generic way of handling attacks/skills/dodges etc. easily extendable and natively networked

  • Items & Inventory: extendable integrated items system with inventory and pickup logic

  • Equipment System: generic equipment system that allows developers to define their own equipment slots

  • AI Framework: create and customize your AIs, configure their behaviors

  • Companions: create and manage companions for your player. Easy switch control on them

  • AI Groups: create optimized groups of AIs that fights as one and helps each others

  • Crafting System, support for creating and upgrading items by combining them.

  • Statistics and RPG Framework (ARS)*: create your own stats and define how they influence each other. Dynamically adds and remove modifiers. 

  • Generic & Optimized Collisions  Manager (ACM)*: generic way of handling combat collisions

  • Optimized & Customizable Multi Point Targeting System (ATS)*: create one or multiple targeting point per character

  • Camera Manager (CCM)* an easy way to implement a multi-state Camera controller

  • Combined Animation System (CAS)* Module to handle combined animations between characters, NOT REPLICATED at the moment

  • Mount System System to mount and dismount, possess any character NOT REPLICATED at the moment

  • Ability System : Grant and use Passive and Active Abilities

*available also as separate plugins

1.2 Should I need to know C++ to use ACF? 

Absolutely not. Everything is exposed to blueprint so you can use and expand it in blueprint. However ACF is highly engineered, so programmers can go deeper with it.

1.3 Is it easy to use?

Is waaay easier than build all this stuff by yourself, but of course it will require a little of time to understand how it works. ACF is heavily documented and I will work on expand tutorialS and documentation over time. A set of “ready to go” projectS are provided as sample,  but I think that the real strength of ACF is that can be used to create very different  systems giving to your game the “uniqueness” it deserves.  

1.4 What is the future of ACF?  Will it be updated regularly?

ACF is used internally to develop our projects so it will be definitely updated regularly, even because we are forced to do so. In addition more modules are coming like: 

  • Quest System

  • Dialogue Syste

  • FSM System

  • Building System

  • … more

Bug fixes and refactors will always be free updates, additional modules may be charged separately. 

1.5 May I used this together with other assets from the marketplace?

Absolutely yes. ACF is 100% modular, I used it with third party dialogue systems, quest systems, UI plugin, animations, graphical assets and whatever!

1.6 Who are you and how do you learned Unreal?

Since a lot of you asked: https://www.linkedin.com/in/pasquale-mangano-8b64a886/, and yes, I work as professional Unreal programmer with 2 AAA game released.

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