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The first thing to work with the UI tools is setting up his Project settings.

If you are working with ACF Ultimate this setup will be already done, but could be still worth it to check it and eventually modifying it at your needs.

Open your project settings from Edit -> ProjectSettings.

The things that we’ll need to set are:

Game Settings:

To extend the GameSettings System you may want to extend the AUT Game Settings with your own blueprint and set up your Default Audio Classes.

Common UIActions: Locate the Common UI Input Settings, here is where all your UI Actions will need to be defined.

You actions are generic concept for interaction you can get from your NavBar and other widgets.

You can add more Gameplaytags from the DefaultGameplayTags.ini file inside your Game/Config folder

Last but not least you’d need to configure your icons DBs in Ascent UI Settings, which will just acts as Icons database for buttons and other needs and your Ascent UI Style Settings for your UI style auto setup (more info in the deidcated Style Manager wiki page.

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