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Equipping Armors

To create a new Armor you need to create a blueprint that inherits from ACFArmor.

Within the blueprint itself you can then configure all the Armor properties including his bonuses to the Stats / Attributes.

All the items have virtual functions for OnEquipped / OnUnequipped functions to implement custom behaviours for every Item.

Armor can be Equipped with the EquipItemFromInventory and unequipped with UnequipItemBySlot with the provided slot type.

If you are using a modular character and you want a body part to be automatically hidden when a certain armor slot is equipped you may want to build your modular character using UACFArmorSlotComponent.

UACFArmorSlotComponent it's attached automatically when you equip an armor if the slot if missing, if there is a default component with the same slot tag, that mesh will be treated as the "naked body" and will be displayed only when the slot is empty.

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