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Status Component

  1. Add StatusEffectManager Component to your character

  2. Invent some fancy StatusEffect-GameplayTags and add them to your RPGTags list

  3. Add StatusEffect-GameplayTags to your character’s StatisticsComponent

Create the StatusEffect itself and overrides those functions to define your behaviours:

a. Inherit from following:

InstantlyStatusEffect: All the functions are called at the creations and just once

ForDurationStatusEffect: Calls OnStatusEffectsStarts and OnTriggerStatusEffect at start and OnStatusEffectsEnds after the duration

PeriodicallyOverDurationStatusEffect: Calls OnStatusEffectsStarts at start, OnTriggerStatusEffect periodically every duration / triggerCount times and OnStatusEffectsEnds at the end.

c. Modify the class default as you wish.

Adding a Status

● Apply and configure the StatusEffectManager Component also to your Enemie.

● You can easily add status effects to terrain, traps, or weapons by just getting from the collided actor the StatusEffectManager and apply the corresponding status effect.

● For example the slow effect you also need to adjust the logic in the PlayerCharacter, otherwise the sprint logic will negate the slow effect.

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