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To enable Vault & Mantle in your character you’d need to add to it the ACF_VaultComponent_BP and configure his properties:

  • RetryIntervalSeconds : how often it should check for mantle (not done in tick for performance)

  • CharacterSpeedThreshold : if you may only vault after a certain speed

  • Vault / Mantle Action: the action to be triggered for vault / mantle

  • Vault Over Mantle Threshold : if the width of the item to be vaulted is above the threshold, it will mantle it instead.

Then you’d need to implement those Actions in to your ActionsSet.

Inside the Mantle action itself you may tune at which height it should switch between the mantle high / mantle low animations. If you want to change the animation make sure to add the same MotionWarp notifies as the one provided in the sample.

Vaultable Objects

To make an Object vaultable you’d need to select it in the world, locate is Collisions profile settings,

flag the GenerateOverlapEvents bool and make it’s collision channel the same as the one set inside the component (Vaultable by default). That’s it!

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