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ACF Comes with dozens of pre made actions, for instance:

  • ACFDodgeActionBP: An action that launches the target in to a provided distance and to the input direction. The ACFActionSubstate notify will add invincibility frames

  • ACFUseItemBP: An action to use the item at the slot provided with the GameplayTag. Needs ACFNotifyAction notify in the animation

  • ACFAdvancedHitAction: Plays an hit animation depending on the hit direction of the hit. It may also play specific animations dependin on the bone hit.

  • ACFAttackActionBP: An action that plays all the montage sections in order every time it gets triggered if the trigger happens within the input buffer (before the notify ACFExitAction). The ACFActionSubstate will activate the selected damage from the skeletal mesh of the attacking actor (Physical Damage) for kicks/punches etc OR from one of his equipped weapons.

Attack Action can be configured to modify the root motion to magnetically warp to current target.

If the MontageReproductionType is set to warp to target, current configuration will make the character to warp to the target if the distance is below 12 mt and the facing angle is between 0 and 330 degrees.

ContinuousUpdate flag identify if the final warp position should be updated at tick time OR just choosen and the beginning of the animation (in the first case, if the opponent dodges it will try a bit to adjust the warp to follow it also during the animation, otherwise the attack will always finish at the initial position of the opponent). The magnetism defines how strong the continuous magnetism will be, the higher the more difficult would be to dodge this attack.

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