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At UR we offer many rooms in The Netherlands that give the possibility to the Guest to set his residential address at the Hostel, or Hotel address. These rooms or studios will show the feature “Registration” on the feature box.

Registration: In this case means a Residencial Address Registration, the guest is consider a resident of the city. A citizen of Amsterdam in this case

The rooms that DONT offer the possibility to the Guest to set his residential address at the Hostel, or Hotel address. Thise rooms or studios will show the feature “BSN RNI COMPLIANT” on the feature box.

BSN is the equivalent to Tax Number, Social Security Number, or Cuil in Argentina. RNI, would translate as Non Residencial Registration, a Short Stay Registration

  • If a guest relocates to The Netherlands from abroad, will need to register as a resident (Registration) or as a temporary resident (RNI)

  • If a guest already lives in the Netherlands it might need in many cases to Register his Residencial address at the hostel, or hotel (Registration)

BurgerServiceNummer (BSN)

BSN is a general unique registration number for every citizen and is to be used in contact with any government service. The employer will ask the guest for BSN for example to be able to pay them salary. Also the guests need their BSN to register with the public healthcare insurance.

  • Guest will receive their BSN when they are registered with the local council, normally the municipality.

  • The guest will have to go in person to an appointment and after showing his passport, id card , and the required documentation he will get a BSN NUMBER


Registration in RNI (Registratie Niet Ingezetenen - Registration for non residents), is open to guests when they are considered a non resident in the Netherlands if:

  1. The Guest is going to stay in the Netherlands shorter than 4 months

  2. The Guest is going to stay in any Urban Roomie property that does’not offer the possibility to set Their Residencial address.

Important: The guests in every case will receive a Citizen Service Number (BSN). To get a BSN number the guests doesn’t need to set their Residencial Address at the property.

Practical Applications

Guest Case




Guest Doesn’t have BSN yet.


+ Saves money in Health Insurance

- Will have to pay City Tax and Tourist tax


+ City Tax will be refunded after he is registered

- Will have to hire a Health Insurance right away

Both options are good. Guest will be able to work in both cases and

Opening a bank account

Guest already has BSN, and has his residential address set in the netherlands.


Only if he can keep the registration in his previous address.


Guest already has BSN, but his residential address is not set in the Netherlands. (RNI)



To consider:

  1. The BSN doesn’t have an expiration date. Even if the guests was Registered as RNI, the BSN won’t Stop working after the 4 months. The BSN is forever valid. The guest will still be able to work, have a bank account and etc, after the 4 months period ended.

  2. There are, in practice, only two difference during the first 4 months between a normal Registration as Resident and BSN RNI:

  • The guest with RNI won’t have to get a Dutch Health Insurance, it means that he will still be able to keep using his health insurance from another European Land, or his travel insurance. This can be beneficial to the guest since he will save some at least €120 health insurance per month. Check the Health Insurance section for more info.

  • The guests with RNI is not considered a resident, technically is a tourist and it will have to pay city tax and tourist tax.

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