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We measure 2 core Metrics to understand how good our team is doing.

  • Response time - the time between ticket creation date and the first response

  • Average number of tickets handled per day

Response time

Response time is probably the most important metric. The response time should always be as low as possible.

This does not include auto-responses. We are talking about the first meaningful reply to a customer query or issue.

The average response times to customer support tickets should be 3:00hs

This relates directly with the “New” status queue, no ticket should stay in this queue for more than 3 hours.

Average number of tickets handled per day

The average number of support tickets that one customer support agent should handle per day is 24

These metrics will be measure periodically every two weeks/month, or as your customer, support Manager considers it appropriate.

It is normal that if some days there are a low number of tickets open, your average will also be lower, in this case, we will look at the number of tickets in The “New” queue at the end of your shift.

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