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Every time an order is created on our website a Ticket is created automatically.

  1. Create a Deal if Needed. Check and correct the deal created in HS

    How to correct deal in HS

  2. If needed create a ticket. How to create a ticket in HS

  3. Link the Ticket with the corresponding Deal.

  4. Set priority to MEDIUM, If the booking is Last Minute (72hs or less from check-in) Set the priority to HIGH

  5. If the Customer has not completed the Happy Roomie Finder Set the Ticket on Waiting for Customer. Otherwise set it to WCS (Waiting on Customer Support)


  7. Request booking to partner Using the Booking Request Template. Log his e-mail on the ticket. Set to WPA.

  8. When partner replies, if answer positive follow next steps (If the answer is negative Follow procedure for Negative Booking Request)

  9. check if the invoice and full information are correct.

  10. inform customers using the Booking Confirmation template


  12. Generate a task to check for the check-in on the right date.

  13. Once the customer is checked in Set ST TO AFTER CHECK-IN

  14. generate a task to follow up

  15. Use follow-up template speech to call the customer to offer him an extension and to know about their stay so far. If the customer is not reachable send an email template

  16. After follow up if the customer Purchases another room or extends, go again to step number one. If the customer doesn’t want to extend, log the outcome and close this ticket.

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