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Booking Requests:

  • Booking requests must be sent to: welcome@ipartment.de, with CC to ignacio@urbanroomie.com or Business Developer (if it is a last minute BR send in CC to mora@ipartment.de)

  • Bookings within 24 hours must be cancelled and refunded

  • In case the Business Developer is not available, and there is a need for a fast confirmation call to +49 221 921636200‬

    from 8:00 to 18:00. After 18, there is always someone pickung-up the phone but can’t make reservations. It is an emergency hotline for the guests.

  • The contact inside the company is Alejandro Mora (ES, EN, DE). mora@ipartment.de. Contact if possible only by the business developer.

The booking requests must include:

  • A small presentation. Example:

I'm Sabrina, Booking Manager from Urban Roomie.

I would like to request a booking with the following details:”

  • Full name

  • Email

  • Phone Number

  • Gender

  • Type of room

  • Location

  • Check-in date

  • Check-out date

  • Price of the room, amount to be paid by the guest. (Upfront 14%)

  • Duration

  • Link to Happy Roomie Finder

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