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Access Jira through this link: https://getstuff.atlassian.net/jira/projects

Issue Types


a ticket used to describe a large body of work that can be broken down into a number of smaller stories

Big Rock or Story

a ticket used to describe a new feature, and can be broken down into Tasks/ Subtasks, a feature will have a feature leader, but might require multiple people to work on it to complete the work, same or different teams, FE, BE, App.

Enhancement/ Task

a ticket used to describe a small piece of work, that usually would only require one team member, from one team, and usually in the size of a one day effort.


a ticket used to describe a malfunction in the system, QA usually tend to open these tickets and should require good description on the issue observed, the expected and actual results and a clear steps to reproduce the issue.



Owner: Product

Unstartled work

In Progress

Owner: Dev

Development in progress

Ready for CR

Owner: Dev

Development is finished but requires another engineer review to assure code quality, coding standard, and other general code review points are covered (check engineering for more info)


Owner: Dev

Developer deploy code after handling CR comments, and after CR is approved to the staging environment, where developer start doing Basic Developer Testing to make sure feature is working as expected on the staging environment and in is ready to be passed to QA team

Ready for QA

Owner: QA

Developer marks ticket Ready for QA, and now ticket ownership can be moved to QA


Owner: QA

QA start working on testing the feature


Owner: Dev

QA mark ticket re-open in multiple scenarios, ticket has many bugs and requires developer to work excessively on the feature (the whole feature is erred) or a bug was fixed , verified and now its occurring again in the system.

Data Approval

Owner: Data

This status is Relevant to Issue types- Epic and Big Rock, where a data team is required to check the data part of the feature, after the QA finishes the testing process and feature is accepted by QA team, the Data team also needs to provide approval for the data part involved in the ticket.


Owner: QA, Or Data

QA approves the implemented feature, verifies all opened issues fixes and in case the ticket required Data approcval. data needs to move feature to Tested, which basically mean feature is accepted and is ready to be deployed to Production

On Production

Owner: Dev

Developer Deploys code to Production Environment (its live)

Tested on Production

Owner: Dev

QA start testing the feature on Production environment (MFF)

Completed and Updated

Owner: Project Manager


Owner: N/A

Ticket is rejected because its not in the scope of the feature or not meeting the required behavior, not relevant, obsolete behavior, deprecated feature, or someone opened a ticket by mistake


Owner: N/A

Ticket is covered in an exact similar other ticket


Owner: TBD

Owner can’t proceed with the ticket (Development, Deployment, Testing) due to another factor; another ticket has to be implemented before,


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