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Dashboard and Tools- Big Rocks and Enhancements Deployment

Jira Project: AUI

  1. Two Deployments per week

    1. Sunday- no later than 4:00 pm

    2. Wednesday, no later than 2:00 pm

  2. Versions will be named after the date of the deployment day, e.g. Wednesday of WW 50-2021 will be Dash_Dec_15_21

  3. For each version above, there will be a “Fix Version” in Jira, e.g. Version Dash_Dec_15_21

  4. Each item deployed to Production has to belong to a Fix Version in jira, and should only be pushed on the same day of the fix version.

  5. If an item marked as part of a Fix version and misses the deployment, this item should move to the upcoming fix version and be part of the next deployment. e.g. Sunday of WW 51-2021 Version Dash_Dec_19_21

FOR CRTITCAL BUGS ON PRODUCTION we will have a different versioning system, and its deployments will not be limited to the above deployments.

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