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  • 100% ML parameters reliance (dropping the manual settings from MGMT)

  • ML predictions precalculated (BE)Note  and not in real time (FE)

  • Allow Chatbot feature on all tasks

Main Changes:



Task’s input/output param

🧑‍🔧 Defined in MGMT on action level

🧠 Predicted by the Brain

Default zones/tools 

🧑‍🔧 Partial predefined in MGMT

🧠 Predicted by the Brain

Dashboard<>ML integration

Some are FE<>ML and some BE<>ML

Always BE<>ML (consistent)

Task info step loading time

± 5 seconds (real time FE<>ML api call)

Seamless (precalculated by BE)

Chatbot (app) 

Triggers only for categories (e.g send gifts)

Triggers for ALL tasks

Tech changes:

  • The task creation would happen immediately

    • All the other processes will be in the background

    • ML flows will return the response based on the current request state

  • Anything related to the actions is out

    • New implementation as microservices

    • Some of our collections will not be used after this change

  • Triggers for ticketing services (creation, matching, suggestion, assignment) would happen from the new request management service


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