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Create Slack Channels for big Rocks to include all engineers, Product and project manager on the feature

Engineers include:

Backend Engineer

Front End Engineer

Data Engineer

QA Engineer

Google Meet

Use google meet to schedule different types of meetings, Daily, Sync, Big Rock Kick off, Big Rock Daily, Bug Scrub, Company Meeting, Status Review and any other meeting to discuss or review any item related to work.

Make sure


  • Google based email

Google Base Document

Google Docs

Google Sheets

Google Slide

Sharing Options

  • Private, unless shared with some other collaborators as shown in the image below, the document will be private and only the document owner will have access to it!

  • Anyone with the Link- Share with Stuff Inc

use this option for files that you wish to broadcast to the whole company, or to a big group of collaborators, usually for for company specific updates and general guidelines.

  • Not Recommended: Anyone Wit the Link- this will make the document available to everyone with the link and might expose sensitive data to the public!

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