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the global ammonium nitrate market was influenced by various factors such as demand from the agricultural sector for fertilizers, industrial applications like explosives production, and regulatory changes affecting its production and transportation due to safety concerns.

Ammonium nitrate is primarily used as a fertilizer in agriculture due to its high nitrogen content. The demand for fertilizers, including ammonium nitrate, is typically influenced by factors such as population growth, food demand, and agricultural practices. Additionally, the industrial sector utilizes ammonium nitrate in the production of explosives, particularly in mining and construction activities.

However, it's important to note that the market for ammonium nitrate can be sensitive to safety regulations and incidents, particularly because it can be used in the production of explosives. Regulatory changes regarding its production, storage, and transportation can impact the market dynamics significantly.

What does the Report Provide?

The global market for wall-mounted acoustic panel report provides an in-depth analysis of several factors such as the key drivers and restraints that will impact growth. Additionally, the report provides insights into the regional analysis that covers different regions, contributing to the growth of the market. It includes the competitive landscape that involves the leading companies and the adoption of strategies by them to announce partnerships, introduce new products, and collaborate to further contribute to the growth of the market. Moreover, the research analyst has adopted several research methodologies to extract information about the current trends and industry developments that will drive the market growth between 2019 and 2026.


Increasing Demand for Higher Crop Yield to Propel Growth

According to the Trade Promotion Council of India (TPCI), it is estimated that there is above 100% spike in the global food demand amid COVID-19 from destinations such as the U.S., Australia, Israel, Egypt, Europe, Palestine, and New Zealand. The growing demand for food is likely to propel the adoption of advanced ammonium nitrate-based fertilizers to ensure high quality yield. Moreover, several government initiatives to beautify the gardens at public places are contributing to the global ammonium nitrate market growth during the forecast period.


Asia-Pacific to Remain at Forefront; Presence of Large Manufacturing Countries to Aid Growth

Among all the regions, Asia-Pacific is expected to hold the highest position in the global ammonium nitrate market in the forthcoming years. This is attributable to the presence of large ammonium nitrate manufacturing countries such as China, Japan, Taiwan, and South Korea in the region.

The market in North America is anticipated to showcase considerable growth backed by the growing demand defense explosives in the region between 2019 and 2026.

List of the Companies Operating in the Global Market for Ammonium Nitrate:

  • Yara International ASA

  • Orica Ltd

  • Sigdo Koppers Group

  • CF Industries Holdings, Inc.

  • Incitec Pivot Ltd.

  • Neochim Ad

  • EuroChem Group AG

  • OSTCHEM Holding Company

  • Fertiberia SA

  • Borealis AG

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