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If you are making travel plans before Eid al-Adha, do not pass without reading this article. Sometimes the little precautions you take can prevent big problems that may arise later, and small tips can be life-saving.

Before making your final decision, read the reviews about the hotel you will stay in and the restaurants you will visit on websites such as TripAdvisor and Expedia.

Keep in mind, a website prepares a multi-detail itinerary for a fee. It guides you in everything from your hotel to the bar you will go to. Thanks to the Xe application, you can make calculations about exchange rates very quickly. If you want to stay at home instead of a hotel wherever you go, pakistan tour packages check. If the Uber app taxi When you can't find it, it makes a small difference and allows you to travel with a luxury vehicle.

Choose your travel companion well so that your holiday does not end in disappointment!

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by Taboola

Our ancestors did not say for nothing, “The best way to get to know a person is to travel together”.

Take a good look at what your health insurance covers

If necessary, get travel insurance that covers a wide range of sickness, theft, and lost luggage. Review the travel benefits of your credit card. Some banks cover certain losses incurred by their customers using their cards. Have the numbers with you to cancel your credit cards at the risk of losing or having them stolen.

Carry credit cards and traveler's checks instead of carrying cash.

You can cancel them even if you lose them or have them stolen.

Tours organized by travel agencies can provide certain advantages.

You can travel for a more affordable price, spend more time on your own and visit the places you will see in more detail in a shorter time. Travel only with member agencies of the Association of Turkish Travel Agencies (TÜRSAB, Ask if your guide is licensed. Try to choose scheduled flights. Having a scheduled flight is often more advantageous than charter flights. If you are going abroad, be at the airport at least two hours before.

If you prefer to travel alone instead of participating in an organized tour, Chitral Tours Packages take advantage of the books of companies such as Eye Witness, Lonely Planet, Rough Guides, Frommer's, Fodor's, or Turkish travel writers whose experience you trust.

Try to travel with as few items as possible.

Download applications such as AccuWeather, weather to get weather information on your smartphone. Pack your suitcase according to the weather conditions of your destination, pay attention to its tag. Suitcases look a lot alike these days. You can wear a ribbon or colored string to set yours apart from the rest. Don't forget to put your basic needs and one or two extra items in the bag you take on the plane against the risk of losing your luggage. The maximum weight of your handbag you will take on the plane is 8 kg. should be.

If you're traveling by plane, exercise in your seat and walk around once in a while.

Drink plenty of fluids against the risk of dehydration. Remember that while alcohol relaxes, it will increase water loss. You can chew gum against the pressure during flight. If you are going to a country where the time difference is large, you may experience the incompatibility problem they call jet lag. Try to sleep with the time of the country you are traveling to.

Learn about the customs and food habits of the country you are visiting.

Know that small child should not be patted on the head in the Far East, and a sign that means 'very well' in our country may have a negative connotation in another culture. In Spain, dinner is at 23.00, GreeceNote that it is eaten at 22:00. In some Mediterranean countries, you may find the shops closed due to the siesta.

If you have a limited budget, you can use hostels and bed & breakfast facilities called bed & breakfast. is a site with hundreds of thousands of members and you can find the details of the people who will host you free of charge in the countries you want to visit. My advice for young people is to travel by a train ticket called interrail and attend work camps. It is both a very good experience and one of the best ways to see Europe cheaply.

Keep a copy of your passport and visa in a separate place to avoid the risk of theft or loss.

Get visa information about the country you are going to from the website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

When using your mobile phone abroad, even if they call you, remember that you pay for it.

Especially Russia is one of the countries where mobile phone calls are the most expensive in the world. To use your mobile phone abroad, you must first enable it for international roaming.

Many countries have a tax refund system called 'tax-free'.

For this, you have to spend a certain amount in the same store and fill out the 'tax-free' form on the same day.

Research the tip status in the country you are visiting.

If there is a 'service included' statement on the invoice, you do not need to pay a tip. Tips are sometimes added automatically in the USA and on cruises.

Some countries may require a yellow fever vaccine, check this.

If you have been to certain countries in Africa (such as Angola, Kaizen Tour And Travel Cameroon, Gambia, Nigeria) and South America (such as Bolivia, Colombia, French Guiana), some countries may require a yellow fever vaccine, check this. You can get support from Marmara University (0216-492 47 50). If you are going to high-altitudea countries such as Nepal, Tibet, and Peru, consult a doctor first and take your precautions.

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