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In this article, I'm going to share with you what I learned to increase my reading pace and be able to read over 100 books last year while remembering what I read better. I'm also going to debunk some speed reading myths to show you that anyone can learn.

What are the benefits of faster reading?

First of all, Write my essay you have to make a distinction between reading for pleasure (I read a good science fiction novel) or informative reading for the purpose of learning something (I read my lessons or a practical manual). In this article I will focus on informative reading but you can also use the following method to read novels.

Take this into account:

Think about the book that has had the greatest impact in your life. Now imagine what you would have lost if you hadn't read it. There are books that change a life. If one pound can change a life, then 30 pounds could transform you beyond anything you think you can be.


This study showed that by reading a well-written novel, you adopt the writing style of the writer. Like your brain is copying and pasting writing skills.

In summary, I think mastering speed reading is a MUST-HAVE skill for anyone interested in personal development.

And the good news is, it can… and much easier than you might think!

" There is certainly more wealth in a single book than in all the loot brought back by the pirates of Treasure Island " Walt Disney



What changed when I started to read faster

For more than ten years, I have gorged myself on reading about personal development. But I haven't always done it in the most efficient way. I have often seen books or articles about speed reading . But I had never taken the subject seriously. Like most people, I doubted that it was really possible to learn to read any faster and if it did, I figured it would be too difficult or too tedious to learn. This was a big mistake because if I had mastered speed reading earlier, I would have saved a lot of time and acquired much more important knowledge and skills.

More than just words per minute, Do my essay speed reading has helped instill in me a new passion for reading. Because I go faster, I remember better and my reading is easier and more pleasant than before. This new motivation allowed me to become a voracious reader. Last year I read 103 books, whereas before I read just 10 a year. My annual reading ability has therefore increased by 930% ! With practice some even manage to read twice as much. And you will see, the techniques I use are not complicated at all.

If you understand the basic principles of human visual functioning, you can eliminate unnecessary effort and increase your reading speed AMAZINGLY.

Here are the effective techniques to read faster:

1. Concentration promotes reading speed

First of all, reading is a brain activity that requires a minimum of concentration. If you want to finish a book quickly, learn to focus. To do this, choose a favorable setting, without distractions, because it is often in the calm that we are the most concentrated.

Put aside anything that might distract you: internet, walkman, radio, etc. Do a little meditation session to clear your mind and relieve your stress. You will then be much more concentrated for the reading session you are about to do.

2. Choose software that can support e-books

I will recommend free speed reading software below. But you are free to choose which one you prefer, paid or free. In any case, I advise you to take a version which can support e-books. So you will be able to read as many books as possible, whether science fiction or personal development.

In addition, e-books are often cheaper than the paper version. So you don't have to spend huge sums to enjoy it. Visit free e-book sites and find the e-books that interest you. Keep in mind that your main goal is to be able to read a book in just one day. Thanks to ebooks, you will be able to recover all the time lost in public transport or long queues for doctors or hairdressers.

3. Applications for faster reading exist

Today, there is software or a smartphone application for everything! Even to learn speed reading? Indeed, technology continues to develop and programs are currently available on the market to accelerate the reading speed.

If you want to practice for free with a good tool, there is Quick Play 2.64 . This application for android will offer you a series of exercises to read faster on a daily basis in addition to being a reader for your digital books (ebook). There is obviously always a way to find better in the paid version. I myself tested “ Read faster ” another android application. For 3 euros, I must say that I was very happy. Acquiring such a valuable new skill for the price of a drink is a gift. User ratings are also very good.

With these tools, you will quickly exceed normal reading speed. The human brain is capable of great things if it is exercised. After several sessions of fast reading practice, you will achieve a 5-fold increase in your normal reading speed. So instead of finishing a book in 5 days, you can finish it in just one day.


4. Use a pointer (or your finger)

Your eyes don't stay fixed in one place. They actually travel around the page often to gather more information. These movements are called jerks. Unfortunately, when you read, those jerks (and general distractions) cause you to slow down to find your reading position. The solution is to use a pointer . The easiest pointer to find is just the tip of your finger. Just place your index finger below a line of text and move it around as you read. Initially, using a pointer will take you longer than reading without a pointer. But once you get used to it, you can read really more efficiently and go so far as to double your reading speed with less fatigue.

5. To read faster, it is above all necessary to manage your reading

When we talk about speed reading people directly think of reading speed. But speed reading is more about controlling your reading, not just speeding up while reading. For example, if you are in a racing car top speed is important but what even more important is the driver's ability to adjust gears to negotiate corners well. It's the same with reading, controlling your speed will make you much more efficient than going through all the lines on the page.

A pointer helps control, because instead of just using your eyes, you can move your hand to adjust your reading speed. If you move your hand faster, you will be forced to read faster. Also, if you slow down your pointer, your reading will slow down. This type of control allows you to carefully read difficult or important passages and to go faster when the sentences are simpler.

6. Eliminate subvocalization

Subvocalizing just means saying the words you read in your head. Subvocalizing is not always a bad thing. It helps us understand and follow a story. When we learned to read, we all read aloud. “Peter eats the apple,” each word being uttered fervently by the little student. Finally, one day we stop talking aloud, because we realize that it slows down our reading speed. But most people still say every word in their head when it isn't necessary to grasp the meaning of a sentence. The proof in picture, you can read this text:


If you want to stop saying the words in your head. Start by moving the pointer faster on the page. So it will make you lose the habit of subvocalizing.

7. Fast reading = active reading

Most people read passively without really paying attention to what they are reading. When they have finished their book, they think they have learned something, but it is not. If you read a novel for fun, that's okay, but if you read for learning, your reading won't be effective.

Reading faster and learning requires switching to active reading . That is, you need to become more curious, find out what the purpose of your reading is, if you find something interesting, write it down or look for additional info. It's better if you spend a little time researching information rather than spending time reading without remembering anything.

8. Know how to vary reading speeds

As discussed above, reading speed is all about control , not just speed. As much as it is sometimes useful to accelerate on passages where the amount of information is low, it is better to slow down when certain extracts are important or more complex. Now you should be able to read without subvocalizing, read fast or slow and even

9. Make reading more interesting

Now, if you've got a tax or statistics book the size of a phone book to read, you might not like it. But you can make the reading more interesting by changing your perspective. The idea is not to convince yourself that you love numbers more than anything, but simply to keep an open mind about what the subject can do for you in your life. Can you change your perspective by researching what this topic can do for you? Reduce your taxes, master a rare skill and get a promotion, Buy essay online be able to advise your colleagues,… If you find the reading more interesting, you will be able to read with greater attention and reduce the reading time required.

Increased reading speed comes with practice

For beginner readers who want to improve their speed, I recommend practicing the reading method we have seen instead of just reading. Most of the reading practice relies on using a pointer and eliminating vocalizations to scroll through words faster than you think you can understand. Practice it as often as possible!

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