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With each new trip, the same question arises: what do I take in my backpack? Between having everything you need with me, and not leaving too busy, Pakistan tour packages the right compromise is often difficult to find. After a few extended stays, I am now starting to know how to pack my bag and reduce the weight on my shoulders - handy when you have to run behind a bus or in those moments of wandering looking for a guesthouse, each time I arrive in a new one. city.

Here are my few rules, which I try to follow before each departure on a trip (thought of my girlfriend Marie, in memory of a weekend in Biarritz , or all my other friends who tend to overload their suitcases).

1) Check the weather

It seems basic, but depending on the seasons and destinations, the temperature can vary considerably. Even in Southeast Asia. My bag was heavier for Indonesia than for Laos, thanks to the fleeces which allowed me to survive during the ascent of Javanese volcanoes.  And beware, the seasons are reversed in the southern hemisphere, summer is between December and February - which still does not allow you to remove the kway from the bag when going to New Zealand .

2) Choosing the right travel backpack

Well, try it, we'll have to put up with it for a while. It must be comfortable, not hurt your back, waterproof, and with compartments for better storage and finding your things quickly. Not too big not to overfill it - I'm going to change my old 70 liter bag for a more compact one as soon as possible, 60 liters is more than enough for a few weeks.

3) Take extra small bags

An additional backpack, smaller, is good for visits and walks once there, and especially for trips by plane or bus, just to always keep something with you, and put it there. water, food, papers, without having to reopen the big bag. It is important to have a bag that closes for trips as well, for more safety (and not a tote bag - a very practical fabric bag for the beach, from which our small objects can escape).

I am not a fan of the chest pouch, despite my mother's repeated attempts to convince me. I prefer to have everything in a shoulder bag or in a backpack.

4) Define your activities in advance

You don't pack your bag the same way when you plan a hike or five days at the beach. Shoes weigh heavily in the balance, but remain essential.

In recent years, I have also always added a pair of sneakers, for a possible jogging on the spot. Even in my suitcase for my business trips.

5) The need for a sleeping bag?

Once again, it depends on the activities that will be done on site. I had taken it in New Zealand, and I hadn't regretted it, but it never served me in Asia, where guesthouses and other youth hostels are always very well equipped. A sarong or a bag of meat is more than enough.

6) Pack things in pouches

More convenient for underwear, swimwear, papers and all small electronic chargers. It saves time and does not lose anything in the dozens of hostels that we will pass through.

7) Take business for a week

Seven days, for seven t-shirts and clothes that will last a week. There is always a laundromat or a hotel that washes our clothes for € 1, wherever we go. These are my basic personal necessities.

And take clothes that fear nothing, because they will be carried around as much as us, and to be able to lose them easily.

8) Test your bag several times

By testing your bag several times, we realize that this third dress will not be useful, and this quilted sweatshirt is far too bulky and will ultimately only be used twice over three weeks. Do not hesitate to weigh, for a result of 10, 12 kilograms max. It doesn't look like much when it's on our scales, in our cozy little home, but a kilo extra can very quickly affect our journeys, our fatigue, and therefore our mood.

9) My essentials

Here is my checklist. Girl's checklist, I'll be precise. I've known guys who go for six months with six pounds in a small backpack, Chitral Tours Packages and I know I'll never be able to do that. I draw up my little list according to the above criteria, and I adapt it to each trip.

  • Pareo (for beach, and temples) / swimsuits

  • Underwear * 7 / socks * 4

  • Pyjamas

  • T-shirts & tank tops * 7

  • Shorts & skirts * 2 / harem pants / two dresses / a waistcoat / a sweatshirt (for transport)

  • A towel

  • Running gear (sneakers + a pair of socks and a t-shirt of shorts)

  • Neck warmer / ear plug / mask (for the plane) and comfortable clothes in addition (small scarf and under-sweater if necessary)

  • A pair of flip flops

  • A pair of sandals for walking

  • A pair of sneakers (already mentioned above)

  • Smartphone and charger

  • Camera and charger

  • A travel diary and 2-3 pens (plus loose sheets for my blog posts)

  • A travel guide and 2-3 books (well chosen, depending on the destination and their weight)

  • Toiletries (sunscreen / mosquito repellent / creams and cleansers / soap and shampoo - even if available on site)

  • Jewelry (not the most precious, but it's still the only coquetry that I allow myself when traveling)

  • Epilator, and cup (yes, we're talking about a girl's bag here - I have a lot of girlfriends who go with their straighteners to Asia!)

  • First aid kit

This is the example of my Asian bag made last November. This list changes regularly, depending on travel companions and destinations. It goes without saying that for my business trips I swap thongs for a pair of pumps , and I avoid harem pants and other really too comfortable clothes. two months!

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