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A creative project is an independent work of a creative nature, which is compiled by students based on a completed topic or course. The project is accompanied by an explanatory note. In this article, we will tell you how to successfully compose and defend a creative project.

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A creative project is a form of self-reporting reporting that demonstrates a student's knowledge and skills based on the course he has completed. Also, creative projects are created for participation in research competitions and conferences.

The project consists of the work itself, an explanatory note and presentation, a speech, handouts (if necessary) for defense.

Creative projects can be presented in various forms, it all depends on the specific university and discipline:

  • Photo;

  • essay;

  • sketches;

  • development of a technological process for creating a model;

  • musical works;

  • video;

  • dance;

  • drawings;

  • Websites;

  • blogs / video blogs;

  • communities on social networks.

The form of registration of the work is regulated by the teacher or the organizer of the competition or conference. There are no strict requirements for a title page, content, and other elements of scientific works.

Depending on the form of reporting, the project can be drawn up in both written and fully electronic form (for example, if it is created for a competition with a remote form of holding).

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Stages of work on a creative project

All stages are described in detail in the explanatory note. The use of graphs, tables, images are encouraged.

Organizational stage

Here you need to choose a project topic, describe the goal and objectives.

Example 1

Purpose: Educational activities in the field of helping profession (psychotherapy, coaching) using a blog.

Tasks: study and select a platform (social networks, media, a blog on an independent site, telegram channels), think over a content plan, design, and name of a blog or channel, study promotion methods.

Example 2

Purpose: Create a video for the 75th anniversary of the Victory.

Tasks: Think over the main idea of ​​the video, write a script, find the necessary equipment, choose a shooting location, shoot, edit the video.

Example 3

Purpose: Write an article about the HIV epidemic in modern Russia.

Tasks: study the topic, think over the structure of the article, find material, confirmed research, statistics, forecasts.

Example 4

Objective: To develop and assemble a model copy of the Tesla Cybertruck electric vehicle on electric traction using modern technologies.

Objective: study the literature on automotive modeling, find Tesla Cybertruck drawings on the Internet, select materials, assemble a model, test it.

Protection of a creative project

If it is a conference, then the organizers will immediately publish information on admission requirements and criteria for evaluating projects.

If the project is defended in their educational institution, then the authors are notified in advance about the date of defense and the rules: the time for the presentation, the order of the authors' presentation, the evaluation criteria.

Adequate defense checklist

  1. Capacious abstracts on each slide of the presentation.

  2. Unique illustrations from the author of the work - his photos and videos of the project.

  3. A maximum of specifics, a minimum of water in the text of the speech.

  4. There is evidence for all theses and conclusions.

  5. Confident speech.


A creative project is an independent creative work with a strict structure. Requirements for registration depend on the teacher and the rules of the conference to which the project is sent.

When defending creative projects, the relevance of the chosen topic, correctly formulated goals and objectives, aesthetics, and form are taken into account.

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