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Are you successful? - Many cannot answer this seemingly harmless question. They don't know what success means to them and how to measure it. What is perceived as success is in part shaped by society, write me a essay but ultimately our own success is always based on our own standards and definitions - not on the expectations and values ​​of our environment. That is why it is also important to develop your own definition of success right from the start. The following steps can help you define success:

  • Take your time and remember all the situations, private and professional, that you have recorded as successes so far.

  • Make a note of what the situations have in common and what exactly made you successful.

  • Also record your current definition of success and write it down.

  • Then compare your definition and what you have in common with your previous successes.

  • From this, formulate in three to five sentences what constitutes success for you.

  • Listen to yourself and grasp the definition intuitively. Change the definition until it feels right to you.

Successful people have these qualities in common

Bart Conner would not have been able to do this if he had not had certain qualities that favor success. Some of these are already found in childhood, others are learned over time. Which at the same time means: If you do not attribute some of the characteristics to yourself, you can acquire them. We have collected some characteristics and attitudes that can be found particularly often in successful people:


All successful people sooner or later struggle with doubts and fears. No path goes smoothly, setbacks and defeats are part of it. The difference between success and failure is how you deal with these doubts. If you let them paralyze and slow you down, success will be a long way off. However, Professional Resume Writers if you actively address doubts and use them with a now-especially-attitude as motivation, you will come much closer to success.


As the saying goes: "The only constant is change." Some people get nervous at this saying. They see change as a threat to the status quo and want everything to stay as it is. In the mid-1950s, Werner Otto founded a mail order business. The idea of ​​bulk ordering makes it successful: Sitting comfortably together, leafing through the catalog and changing clothes or redecorating the apartment - that hits the nerve of the times. But then online trading comes into being. People are now buying from Amazon. Quelle goes broke. But Otto reinvents itself, becoming the Otto Group and thus one of the largest online retailers behind Amazon.

As understandable as that may be, success cannot be achieved that way. However, if you accept change and welcome new developments, Buy essay online things will be different. If you see opportunities in new things and situations and actively examine how you can take advantage of them, that will help you enormously.


Bart Conner is not in self-pity melted, having had after the accident every reason to be. He has not let his head hang and has continued to work towards his goal of qualifying for the Olympic Games. Another example: In 1914, Thomas Edison's laboratory burned down, destroying its years of work. But instead of mourning his work, he saw the event as an opportunity to break for new shores and start his research again with a fresh spirit. He promptly made numerous inventions. Successful people are stupid people who believe in themselves and their goals.


Successful people have a doer mentality. They don't just sit around at home and wait for happiness to knock on their door one day. They go out to get what they dream of.


Successful people make decisions that some mothers may have made to throw their hands over their heads. Michael Dell is one of those. He was pushed to study medicine by his parents. But he preferred to sell computers. In 1984 he broke off his studies and started a company. Today Dell is one of the world's largest PC dealers.

Personality development

“Above all, you should invest in yourself. It's the only investment that pays off a thousand times over, ”says Warren Buffet, an entrepreneur and billionaire himself. Successful people believe in their abilities - but they always work on developing them at the same time and have the necessary self-confidence to be able to become even better.

Success diary

Most successful people keep a journal in some way . These are not always pen and paper notes. Some people summarize their day in an app, others use voice notes and still others draw mind maps or sketch notes. The important thing is not the form, which you should choose according to your preferences, but the daily ritual of documentation. A regularly updated diary helps you to organize your thoughts, to keep goals in view and to recall your successes.


Successful people are good networkers. You enjoy making new contacts and finding influential and inspiring friends. In 1990, for example, Angela Merkel, then a largely unknown politician, surprisingly became Minister for Women and Youth in the Kohl cabinet. Helmut Kohl recognized her potential and gave her the start of a political career. To this day she is considered the most powerful woman in the world.


But no dreamers. A successful person needs ideas, visions and dreams . Perhaps the most famous example of this is Steve Jobs. In 1983 he is said to have asked John Sculley, the then marketing director of Pepsi: "Do you want to spend the rest of your life selling sugared water or do you want to change the world?"


To be successful, you need determination and what science calls volition - in short: bite. Determination in this case means developing an irrefutable passion for your own actions and goals. You show staying power and work for years to achieve your goals. Christoph Waltz, for example, only became famous with his role as "Hans Landa '' in Quentin Tarantion's film Inglourious Basterds . Only at the age of 53 does his career really take off. Success is not a question of age anyway, at most an excuse.


Other people - colleagues, bosses, customers, friends and others - are indispensable for your individual success. Nobody is successful as a lone fighter . Make yourself aware of who is important for your success and how well you are in your situation. Do not only allow the gratitude that arises , but also show it to the people who are important to you. You don't have to show off with grand gestures or gifts. A simple word of gratitude, praise at the right time, or support with important projects is enough. This is how you strengthen the basis of your success.

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