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Example of launching a degree project

Analysis of the psychological content of the children's program María and her friends from the ABC television network and how it affects the behavior of children

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This degree work is being developed to examine and know the psychological treatment that the ABC television network provides to the program Maria and her friends and knows how it affects the behavior of children.

The meaning of both variables is specified and conceptualized, i.e. psychological treatment and behavior of children, to understand the issue. It is intended to demonstrate the behavior of the child group, specifically those between the ages of 2 and 6 years old.

Everything outlined above will be done through fieldwork that observes the results and describes the psychological treatment through content analysis and variable matrix. Then the relationship of both topics ends.

The reason for this research is justified to understand the psychological contribution that television producers pass on to children and how the content of the programming affects the behavior and thoughts of the audience.

This degree work consists of the following chapters: in the first, the formulation of the problem statement and its objectives are exposed. In chapter two, the theoretical framework is developed which includes the antecedents, the theoretical basis, psychological and legal basis, and definition of terms.

Next, the methodological framework is exposed where the field technique, the type of study, the universe, and the population subject to research are described, as well as the data collection and its reliability. It ends with the points related to human and institutional resources.

Example of introduction to a discussion

"Human activities are worse for nature than the biggest nuclear accident in history." This phrase by Martín Cruz Smith encompasses human responsibility in the use of plastics and their effects on the environment.

Good morning, members of the jury, members of the discussion groups, and the audience present, my name is Pedro Cortesía and in the company of my team from the Colegio Patria Bolivariana and the institutions Juan XXIII and María Inmaculada, we are going to see the impact of plastic on the pollution of the environment.

Can you continue to use plastic without destroying planet earth? Plastic is part of our daily lives and its chemical composition slows down the disintegration; the petrochemicals it contains affect water, air, and earth.

While recycling has reduced pollution, its application has become inadequate. The realization of this debate is based on the proposal of measures that make the use of plastic more efficient, raise awareness in the industry so that it reduces the hundred million tons of this component produced per year.

Finally, it is intended to activate ongoing campaigns in the communities to clean up the ecosystems that are close to them and to consciously recycle the material.

Example of launching a TFG

Confidence in the child's development

The encouragement and promotion of trust in the child is of utmost importance for their personal and individual development, for this, it is necessary to educate at home and school with love and respect. The development of confidence in the life of the baby prepares him to face problems and travel the unknown paths with ease.

Confidence gives the child the ability to act in a given context and to defend himself with firm arguments without prolonging his emotional and psychological state.

At the moment, a child must have confidence in himself because he is experiencing the attacks caused by the phenomenon of bullying or harassment.

The family and family environment of the child is essential for consolidating trust. Assigning small chores in the home or the responsibility of caring for a pet makes the baby feel valued and competent, and so his confidence increases.

Finally, for a child to develop self-confidence, they must receive positive language from their environment. Praise is essential for this. However, since children are not perfect, it is better to emphasize that their behavior was wrong when they make a mistake, rather than telling them that they are clumsy or unable to do anything.

Example of entering a report

Tree planting project by third-grade students of the Madre Perla school

This report was developed to publish the results of the school tree planting project by third-grade primary school pupils on the site adjacent to the Escuela Madre Perla institution.

The main objectives of this activity were to instill in the students the culture of planting edible fruit trees and to make them aware of caring for the environment.

The project was carried out with the input of each of the twenty-five students of the single third-grade department, who planted more than fifty fruit plants with the help and guidance of teachers and representatives.

During the first week of October, the students were responsible for cleaning the areas where they were planted and coordinated the irrigation and care system for the following months.

After the activity was completed, the student body invited the rest of the school community and residents of the area to work together for the conservation of green areas.

In the development of this report, the data of the results obtained in the field as well as in the human sphere, and the environmental benefits for the general population will be specified.

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