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Communication is interacting with the people around us through all our verbal and nonverbal actions. It is a dynamic process that consists of at least two people coming together. Communication is often thought of as word of mouth. However, it is possible to communicate between people without speaking. It is also possible to communicate with body language, write my essay for me gestures, and facial expressions. “What are communication skills?” If the question makes you think, we will try to answer your questions in this article. Communication skills include skills that initiate and maintain a lasting communication relationship between us by creating the appropriate interaction with the person or people in front of us. Listening, good use of diction, good use of your voice, proper body language management, and staying in touch with the other person are the factors of communication skills.


What is the Importance of Communication Skills?

We can only express ourselves with what we say. For this reason, it is very important to be effective in communication. There is constant communication in every moment of our lives. We may need to establish relationships with different people and organizations in every field, whether in our daily life or our business life. The communication we establish in our business life should be a little more qualified than in our daily life. Communication is essential at all levels of our lives. Thanks to effective communication, life becomes much more comfortable and easier. We are happier when we express ourselves correctly and can communicate fully. Being successful is through good communication. Without adequate communication, it can be difficult to achieve the desired success.

How to Develop Effective Communication Skills?

Having effective communication skills benefits us in many areas of life. Having effective communication skills makes a positive contribution to us when presenting in job interviews, lectures, or discussing a topic. To give an example of effective communication skills:

  • Being an active listener

  • To be tolerant and unbiased

  • to empathize

  • Adjust body language, address, tone of voice

  • To express ourselves correctly

  • be open to criticism


If you think that your effective communication skills are lacking and you believe that you need to improve yourself, you should be open to development and change in this regard. Effective communication can be learned. There are many ways you can improve your skills. You can try various methods such as entering new environments and meeting new people, participating in symposiums on this subject, taking part in group studies, making presentations. To use your address and tone effectively, pay for essay you can take a diction course. We tend to be defensive and offensive or passive when we try to express ourselves. To initiate effective communication, we must act assertively and solution-oriented. We must express our wishes and feelings clearly and openly. Instead of running away from situations where we think our self-esteem is low, we should go on. Let's not forget that as long as we are willing and believe in ourselves, we can improve our effective communication skills.


What is the Communication Skills Scale?

An assessment is made to determine how often and in what situation a certain group of people use certain communication skills. A scale is obtained from the results of the research to get an idea about which usage style provides convenience to the person. Several scales have been prepared that measure skills such as expressing oneself correctly, listening and understanding what one hears, explaining without making fun of the other person, conveying a level and consistent message to the other party, managing emotional intelligence, using the voice and body correctly, which we give as examples of communication skills, with different theories and assessments.


What is Communication Skills Inventory?

Communication skills are a skill that can be acquired and developed later. To gain communication skills, first of all, it is necessary to determine the skill level of the person. For this reason, it was aimed to develop a communication skills inventory. Communication skill levels of individuals; They are presented with statements of attitudes and behaviors related to human relations to measure them in terms of behavioral, cognitive, and emotional dimensions. You are asked to indicate the degree of relevance of these statements to you. There is no right or wrong answer. Responses to the statements are generally “always, usually, sometimes, rarely, never”. In general, this inventory is created to understand how people behave, what they think, and what they feel while communicating with people.


What are Social Communication Skills?

Social communication skills are the cornerstone of getting along with people and building solid relationships. It can also be defined as behaving in a way that is socially acceptable in a certain environment or community. People with social communication skills take advantage of them throughout their lives. Social skills are all skills that start in the mother's arms and continue throughout life. These skills are primarily learned. It consists of verbal or non-verbal behavior. Social communication skills include people's ability to join a group, cope with ridicule and criticism, express negative emotions, start, maintain and end a conversation. If we classify social communication skills:

Relationship initiation and maintenance skills: Listening, starting the conversation, continuing the conversation, asking questions, introducing yourself (For example, a business card you give to someone you see for the first time to introduce yourself ), meeting someone new, etc.

Group work management skills: Compliance with the division of labor in the group, fulfilling the responsibility taken, trying to be understanding towards the opinions of others, etc.

Skills involving emotions: Understanding both own emotions and those of others, expressing emotions, expressing good and bad emotions, coping with fear, Premium Essay etc.

Coping skills with aggressive behavior: Asking permission, sharing, helping others, reconciliation, controlling anger, defending one's rights, etc.

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