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1. Be flexible and stay informed

Check the government pages for each destination to check restrictions for the countries you plan to visit so that you can check them regularly before your departure date. Keep in mind that traveling in the COVID-19 era requires more flexibility than you may be used to. You may need to change your plans quickly if travel restrictions change, Pakistan tour packages so always keep an eye out for the relevant embassy and government information pages.

2. Invest in full coverage travel insurance for a multi-destination trip

The only way to protect your multi-destination travel money from unexpected changes is to invest in full coverage travel insurance. Check the official insurance websites for policy changes due to the coronavirus , as some may have stricter cut-off dates in which to claim compensation for a canceled trip. Talk to your insurer, study the fine print and check out our complete guide to air travel insurance . Be aware that it can be difficult to be covered by travel insurance if you are flying somewhere against the advice of your government.

As a travel incentive, some airlines offer free COVID-19 insurance coverage. For example, Virgin Atlantic has a free coronavirus insurance policy that is automatically added to all flights from August 24, 2020 through March 31, 2021 inclusive.

3. If you are on a multi-destination road trip, take precautions every time you stop

This includes the use of a face mask (especially in countries where masks are mandatory in public), along with frequent hand washing and the use of hand sanitizer whenever a sink is not available. Check out the World Health Organization (WHO) website for advice on hygiene best practices when traveling, and our own guide to taking a safe road trip during COVID-19 .

4. Book hotels with free cancellation

This summer, many travelers were surprised by last minute changes in government travel policies. For example, in August, when the quarantine rules for UK travelers returning from Spain changed, many tourists had to pack their bags and book a new last-minute flight home. As uncomfortable as it may be, this is a risk to travel during the coronavirus. To protect yourself financially should this happen, book hotels that have free cancellation as an option .

We've compiled a list of hotels in safe destinations that offer free cancellation , including the family-friendly Bahia Principe Sunlight Costa Adeje in Tenerife; the magnificent Gran Hotel Miramar GL , in Malaga; or the Palacete Chafariz del Rei , in Lisbon.

If your hotel reservation is canceled, read our guide on what to do next .

5. Reservation with free cancellation during your multi-destination trip

For the same reasons as above, it is imperative to reserve a rental car with free cancellation when taking a multi-destination road trip during the coronavirus.

If you book a multi-destination vacation package, it might be easier to claim a refund if circumstances change. Also, if you book flights plus car or hotel rentals through the same airline, your trip technically counts as a vacation package. This means that if the government travel restrictions change when you are abroad, you should be eligible for a full refund within 14 days according to package travel regulations .

6. Find a plan B

A multi-destination trip during the coronavirus should be flexible , in case travel restrictions change. Ideally, therefore, you should have booked flexible car rentals, hotels and flights, so that you can catch a flight home without a layover in the UK, for example.

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