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▅▅▅▅▅▅▅▅▅▅▅▅ Site Values ▅▅▅

Collaboration: This is not the head honcho’s role-play, it’s our role-play. With many rps, the owner sets the stage and then we play. This is not the case with this role-play, you are the creator and make a true long-lasting impact on the world. Within our established rules, we will create an atmosphere where you feel like this role-play is yours. You have a say! Your ideas and creativity are valued and welcomed here!

Organization: Easy - to - Navigate & Understand

We want the site to be easy to navigate and understand information quickly. User experience is a top priority. We don’t want people to be going through millions of threads and posts to find what they are looking for. If you have any suggestions on making the site more easy to understand, please reach out to the “Thread Organizer Committee”. We value your feedback!

Supportive, Fun, and Welcoming: We want to intentionally invite people from all walks of life to join our role-play. The community wants to put you first as a person, then as a role-player of Sage of the Crown. We will do our best to treat everyone fairly, and we always understand that there is a person behind having every keyboard. Having issues and support? Reach out to us. Something is strangely gratifying with creating a semi-anonymous community on the internet. We want to keep things on task, but fun! There will be times where the fun is gone, it is up to us use to try to constantly adjust to keep the site engaging and interesting. The rules are more for gentle “we had that on the rules” moments, not to smash you down with an iron fist. We never want to control your creativity, but compromise is needed in a large group role-play.

▅▅▅▅▅▅▅▅▅▅▅▅ THEMES & CONCEPTS ▅▅▅

I. Open World, Organized, Ongoing Sandbox: All role-players can submit any lore to add to the story’s setting at any time. Additional pieces of lore will be reviewed by the lore scholar committee, then the higher mods will approve or decline. New lore must complement existing lore and add to the ongoing story. This is a non-walk-in with the creativity and openness of a walk-in rp.

II. This is a: One Massive Roleplay: 

This means that everyone is playing under the same storyline and plot. We will also be role-playing at the same date/pace of the storyline as well. You CAN split off and go on a onexone spree for a while, then rejoin the larger plot and group. We encourage all possibilities within our structure. This will keep the world engaging, believable and expansive. 

III. Low-Mid Medieval Fantasy. In this particular perspective of the story, it will be from the human point of view. Because of this, most magic will be uncommon to the main "race" & characters of the story. Magic will also be capped and will be considered a powerful force, but just as powerful as politics, melee combat and other ways to interact with the world.

▅▅▅▅▅▅▅▅▅▅▅▅ Role-Playing ▅▅▅


Over-plotting kills a story - Plotting is good, but every little detail doesn’t need to be settled before it’s time to jump in on the action. PLEAAASSSEEE I BEG — refrain from long plot sessions about the small details of your character’s relationships and do little to no posting. That will set off a red flag to the head honcho, and will get shut down. To avoid this, try plotting as you go.

Loner Posts:

You may not role-play by yourself. All posts should be made to prompt other player(s) or in response to the other player(s) or a Dungeon Master. This is a group rp, so I’m expecting collaboration and working together to make a story. onexone sessions are HIGHLY encouraged and can be done at any time. If you would prefer that the other rpers leave your little love story alone for a sec, let them know. Otherwise, it’s free reign.

Face claims: We prefer if you choose FCs that are drawn in a realistic-semi realistic style and don’t look too anime. Please aim for FCs that would fit a medieval fantasy world. Please credit the artist appropriately (linking to the picture’s original website is encouraged). Saga of the Crown does not own any of the images being used. All images belong to their original owners.

Posting Requirements:

We welcome all experiences of role-playing, but you must post a significant amount to move the plot forward. Of course there are exceptions to this rule. Sometimes a five liner is just needed to get things moving. The thread enforcers can tell how much effort you’re putting in overall. As long as you truly doing your best at grammar, typos, spelling, post length etc. then you will be fine. I know it’s subjective, but we are understanding of people’s different backgrounds - we don’t want to turn people away from an exciting way to be creative.

Role-playing will happen in the third person. Prose. You can add poetry in there as an add on, but the standard third-person will be required for all posts. The dialog should be shown by bolding the text, and try to italicize thoughts. The text should be easy to read. If the thread organizers or thread enforcer asks you to change your layout for any reason, please do. If you desire a fancy layout template reach out to the thread organizer committee, they will help you code and get your desired layout. We are here to help!! If you don’t want a fancy layout, that’s perfectly ok too!


All characters and content are copyright their creators and element productions. They may not be replicated without their creators' permission.

▅▅▅▅▅▅▅▅▅▅▅▅ CODE OF CONDUCT ▅▅▅

  • Be respectful, always.

  • Keep conversations friendly.

  • No inappropriate names or impersonating others.

  • No hateful messages

  • No trolling, flaming, instigating or personal attacks.

  • No Advertising, spam or links containing pornography, or detailed sex scenes.

  • No moderations and/or administrative action in a public channel.

  • Avoid discussing real-life politics, religion or sexual orientation.

  • Mods can remove messages at any time.

  • No Auto-Hitting or Godmodding - Even if your luminary takes damage from your opponent. Allow them to respond to the attack, don’t take the liberty and godmod their chara.

Please let us know in the discord if you will be taking a hiatus and what you want us to do with your character:


The discord should be used to support the site. I have had experiences where the discord becomes a hangout spot that has little to nothing to do with the role-play. It can also make us lazy, and not use the website to its full capacity. We will have a discord #offtopic thread, but it will only be open to the role-players who are actively contributing to the Saga of the Crown site. If you really need to chat, you can always use DMs~!

  • Be respectful, always.

  • Keep conversations friendly.

  • No inappropriate names or impersonating others.

  • No hateful messages

  • No trolling, flaming, instigating or personal attacks.

  • No Advertising, spam or links containing pornography.

  • No moderations and/or administrative action in a public channel.

  • Avoid discussing real-life politics, religion or sexual orientation.

  • Mods can remove messages at any time.

▅▅▅▅▅▅▅▅▅▅▅▅ LUMINARIES ▅▅▅

Luminaries: Luminary cards are all notable: weapons, stats, abilities, skills, knowledge etc. These are the things that dictate what your character is good at and not good at. Luminary cards are information that we as rpers will use, but there will be no real “Luminary Cards” in the in-character universe of Saga of the Crown. These will be required to join the rp, but the way you use them can vary. We give you the freedom of choice….Let me explain:

Quantitative, Stats, Numbers, Data, Class Attributes, Battle Mechanics, Hard Skills, Hard Numbers, Experience Points Etc.: (This will be used in staked battles, DM NPC battles and can be used for PVP) The luminaries give hard numbers and information that can be used for an exciting role-playing experience. Its better than RNG, cause your actions and strategy and the way you built the character is all that matters. Lumanaries can be used as an easy way to settle battles or to figure out who can do what. For PVP: If you need to figure out how two players match up and want to battle with hard numbers, and strategy, go AHEAD!


Qualitative, plot-battle planning, general understanding of a character’s abilities / strengths / weaknesses / limitations: In pvp, or player-generated circumstance (non-dungeon master NPCS), you can plot and not use hard numbers altogether. These plots have to be agreed upon with the other rpers. But your Luminaries will inform you on what people have the capability of doing, in a more arbitrary sense. Does this mean I can randomly be a master sword fighter in the middle of an rp session when my luminaries/profile doesn’t reflect this? no. The luminaries let people know exactly what kind of “class” or “role” your character is.

More detailed information here…These guides MUST be followed to participate in this rp. Curating a deck for your character is fun, I PROMISE.

▅▅▅ More Details ▅▅▅▅▅▅

We will be keeping the role-play PG-13 ish. If no detailed sex scenes, just fade to black….You can bring that to discord DMs if you wish (If you are of age and both consent). My philosophy is out of sight, out of mind. If we can’t see it, then no harm is done. Avoid real-world taboos that could insight triggers. If you have any questions about this please reach out to the thread enforcers. Some things may be included in this rp - such as ethnicity discrimination, sexism, etc. These will be used as a story mechanic, not to offend. We will be keeping a close eye on these kinds of topics and constantly checking in with the members to make sure they are comfortable with new controversial lore or posts. We are human, and we will make mistakes. But if you give us grace, we can do the same for you. Reach out to the thread enforcers for any questions, and please don’t wine if the head honcho shuts inappropriate things down. It’s for the better of us all, not just your individual controversial topic(s).

Avoid discussing real-life politics, religion, or sexual orientation in any of the spaces in discord or the website. It may make others uncomfortable.

NO discussion about (potential) moderation and/or administrative action done on our platforms in public channels or Saga of the Crown website. Do not argue with the mods in public channels. If you have or see an issue, please contact a moderator in private (DM/PM). Arguing with people out in the public can cost your spot in the role-play, just like disruptive actions in the real world.

No hateful posts or messages. Bullying will not be tolerated under any circumstance. If someone feels uncomfortable from something that you did, we will let you know. Your response/actions after a warning will inform us of keeping you, or letting you go from the role-play. We don’t need to warn members to give an explanation of our decisions as a mod team. Sometimes we roll with our gut, please try not to take it personally. Feel free to reapply as a member if we have invited you to do so - Include in the application what changes you will make sure ensure you will have a better experience as a member the next time.

Snarky responses will get you blocked and kicked out. This goes for mods too. If the head honcho sees anyone boasting their power or being snarky with other members, you’re out. We don’t tolerate that. I understand jokes and sarcasm, that’s cool - but if there is a sniff of immaturity or blatant disrespect - then consider that your ticket to banishment. Tips: 1. Remember to take a step back from the keyboard when you’re upset. 2. It’s not what you say, it’s how you say it. Try to get feedback from another person before sending a message that may be rude. 3. It’s easy to hide behind a keyboard. 4. If someone is misunderstanding what you were saying, then try to reword what you said.

▅▅▅▅▅▅▅▅▅▅▅▅ The Head Honcho & Mods ▅▅▅

The Platinum Head Honcho is in charge of everything. They have the final say. No if’s, and’s or but’s. If you are disappointed in something put the blame on them, they are the captain of the ship. All conflicts should go through the thread enforcer committee FIRST, then it will be handed off head honcho if needed. If you need further clarification or still have unanswered questions, only then do you go the head honcho. Please allow them to not be overwhelmed with every question or issue that comes up. Ask other members for help as well - reach out to the head honcho as last resort.

The head honcho is very level headed and understanding, they are someone who really enjoys collaboration and everyone feeling: welcomed, engaged, and a special part of the family. This is their main focus of leadership.

▅▅▅▅▅▅▅▅▅▅▅▅ The Levels of Membership ▅▅▅

Levels of membership

Platinum (Head Honcho) - They are an admin and mod. They have the final say in ALL matters.

Gold: (Admin/Mod) Second in Command - They are second lead. They will stand in if the head honcho is absent. They have the second final say in all matters.

Silver: (Mod) - Listen to them, they have been hand-selected and believe in this project.

Bronze (Mod in Training) Fledglings - They carry out tasks for the other mods, while learning the ropes. Once a bronze shows commitment, the mods will give a referral to the head honcho. Then the head honcho will decide if they move up. This has to be someone can be trusted and has shown commitment. Please note: Bronze Mods NEVER give requests/demands/orders or make big decisions about the role-play on their own accord. Instead, they should give easy light-hearted suggestions to other members and mods.

Member: You have been accepted and invited to role-play.

Non-member: You can lurk around and check us out before comitting!

Committees: Specific Duties related to the forum. These are all mods, with various levels.

  • Thread Enforcers: Handle rper disputes and make sure people are following the rules. 

  • Lore Scholars: Review all lore and characters to make sure they complement the current story and preestablished lore. 

  • Communication Scouts: The welcome committee, create recruitment tactics, create announcements, organize fun rper events.

  • Thread Organizers & Aesthetics: Create Graphics and/or organize thread layouts & organization. Review images to maintain the Aesthetics of the role-play as well. They also organize the discord.

  • Tactic Developers: Create, develop and supervise rp mechanics - luminaries, battles, wars, mechanics, stats tracking, inventory, and currency etc.

  • Dungeon Masters: In charge of majority NPCS of the world, updating weather, time-skips, creating quest lines, world story arcs, and keeping the rp alive and fresh. Very similar to the dungeon master in DND. By knowing the details of the predetermined quest lines, they will be mindful in navigating the characters of their own with good judgment.

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