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Luminaries (Ls) are: Skills, Battle Mechanics, Abilities, Magic, Powers, Items, Armor, Tamed Beasts, Player Units, Weapons & more. They are the bread and butter to this role-play, they detail characters abilities in a nuanced, but straightforward way. Luminaries can also be seen as cards to the players and curating the right deck is how you approach building your character. Luminaries do not exist in the actual RP. It is used for the role-player’s knowledge. There are two main categories of luminaries:


- Active Luminaries are very specific/unique actions that your character can take. These often use HP, STAMINA and/or MANA.

Might - Offensive Physical Attacks. Slicing someone, shooting a bow, etc etc.

Preservation - Defensive, Protective or Evasion luminaries, things protecting that HP: A blocking of a shield, a dodge.

Intelligence - Actions that deal with the intellect. Learning, Science, Language etc.

Leadership - Dealing with people on a social level - politics, fame / performance etc

*Actives need certain passive luminaries in your deck to use them. They are displayed here:


Passive Luminaries are more general Luminaries that more characters will share in common. These are passive, meaning they kind just sit in your deck and are necessary for the use of Active Luminaries. They are divided into Knowledge and Attribute. Knowledge Luminaries are related to your character’s general knowledge on different broad topics, while Attribute refers to your character’s stats.

Knowledge Luminaries - Often relate to your character's role (s) / class.

Attribute Luminaries - Describe the character’s mental, physical, magical, and social limitations. If someone has 5 strength luminaries and someone else has 10 strength luminaries, the person with 10 will be able to lift more. More explanation:

0 - 4 of the same Passive Ls: Average in relation to humans. Think a normal person off of the street.

5 -10 of the same Passive Ls: Trained to a decent level.

11 -15 of the same Passive Ls: Trained to an advanced level.

16 - 20 of the same Passive Ls: Some of the best in the world.

Items / Bestiary / Units

These are luminaries that are usually non-permanent. Items lose durability and will have to be repaired after use, and beasts can potentially be killed.

  • Items: This includes: armor, weapons, tools & more. You can have any of these in your possession, but some require specific passive luminaries to use them.

  • Beasts have their own luminaries that are detailed in each bestiary lore, this will be added to your mini profile stats. They can be trained - but beast training is specialized and requires specific skills.

  • Units: Some characters have units they control in battle. These player soldiers are considered non-Dungeon Master NPCs.

Other Notes:

*Luminary Details will be created as we go. Cause making over 100 of these bad boys takes too long in one sitting. ALSO - we will prob adjust things as we go.

*The tactic developers and thread organizers will add your luminaries to your profile for you.

*Each character has the capability of accumulating a maximum 200 Ls. It seems like a lot to organize, but things like your tribe (race) will preset more than half of your deck. Giving you 25 luminiaries. to deal with in the beginning.

*Under normal circumstances, a player character cannot have more than 20 of the same card.

*Disclaimer: After each chapter and story arch & chapters, the Tactic Developers have the right to adjust any of the mechanics as they see fit. Please be understanding and flexible. We want to make sure we are fair and the mechanics work well to serve in a role-play setting.

*Follow the direction on each card. You can use each active card once per post. You can use up to 4 Ls per post.

*How do you get more Luminaries? Post Points, Learning from Dungeon Master NPCS and Player’s Characters.

*Not all things need to be a Luminary: For example - A shirt with no magical abilities doesn’t need a Ls.

Post Points (PP): After each Chapter, the mods will be handing post points.

Story Rewards


Dungeon masters sees that you are significantly moving the story forward.

Participating in a Chapter


Participation trophy

RNG for participating members


random number generator (1-3 winners)

Completing a DM Quest


dungeon master

Completing a PC Quest


player quest

Community Favorite Posts


People vote on posts during each chapter, the person who receives the most points gets PP. Please vote fairly and objectively...using poor judgment could risk of you being disqualified to vote or participate in this.

Discard: You can discard a luminary card for post points


*character gets rusty with a skill, or game is thrown off, etc. Come up with something to make this realistically happen. Can only do this once, after each chapter.

Post Point Purchases

Passive Luminaries




Mystery Pack: 3 Random Ls are in here. They can be rare, common, or detrimental





  • Race Pack: x100 Lunimaries (Humans are the only tribe that can mix with others - you must start with their tribe deck)

  • Custom Pack: x25 Any Luminaries of your choice.

  • Soul Chamber Bonus: Of you chose from the soul chamber, you receive x5 Extra Luminaries.

  • Everyone receives 5 gold unless you are high in the social class. People akin to start with 20 gold. - If your culture is outside of Vornair, you receive no gold. This is because most races don’t use gold unless they occupy the human culture.


*Follow the direction on each card. You can use each active card once per post. You can use up to 4 Ls per post.

  • Might & Preservation (Combat) Guide: The Heros & Fighter Type Characters

  • Leadership & Beast Guide: The Politicians/Nobles, Warlords, and Beast Tamers type Characters

  • Life & Intelligence Guide: Universal Skills - But very relevant the Gentry, Scholar and Peasant type Characters

  • Item Guide: Understand how item Luminaries work

  • Passive Luminary Guide: Understanding how they work.

  • Magic Guide: Rare and must sacrifice a lot for these Ls.


*You can use up to 4 Ls per post, and each card once. Do NOT auto-hit or Godmod under any circumstances. Even if your card says something like: Reduce 20 damage to your opponent - Let the other rper deduct the damage.

*Make sure you reduce the stats listed on the card.

*If you want to plot the battle instead of using hard numbers, then talk to the other rpers involved. For Dungeon Master Quests, they REQUIRE you to use hard numbers.

Your post with your use active Ls - make sure that you reduce your HP, MANA, and STAMINA appropriately. This is located in your profile. profile —> ___ —> If you’re struggling with this, reach out to the tactic developers or thread organizers.


You need to agree to terms before battling…are you gonna plot the battle out or use the Ls mechanics? If one player wants to use the mechanics, then the mechanics shall be used.

You go back and forth until the battle is “over”. If you didn’t decide on plotting with the other role-player before the pvp, then they have every right to carry out their Ls and kill your character. If you are really attached to this character, reach out to the Dungeon Master to see if you can be rebirthed or something. Let’s be flexible and not too attached, allow things to surprise you. Don’t wine, please.

*Group battles (more than onexone) - Ls numbers (damage etc) has to be used. Make sure you indicate who you targetted with your Ls.

*You may not control, godmod or auto-hit someone else’s Unit or Beat


Please know that the dungeon masters are fair, but they won’t go “easy” on you. You CAN die from a quest…so understand the stakes before going on that crazy adventure. Not everyone can survive or be the best hero!

The dungeon master will use their NPCs in an easy to follow way - They will have Ls and HP, STA, and MANA.

If you win, awesome! If you die, too bad so sad. BUT if you reach out to the dungeon master, they can help you work out your death to make it special…you can be rebirthed or something plot-related. Just talk to them.

PVE (Your Generated NPC’s)

Do what you want, but make it believable, please.

Leadership & Beast Guide:

*You can use up to 4 Ls per post, and each card once. Do NOT auto-hit or Godmod under any circumstances. Even if your card says something like: Reduce 20 damage to your opponent - Let the other rper deduct the damage.

*Make sure you reduce the stats listed on the Ls.

*If you want to plot the battle instead of using hard numbers, then talk to the other rpers involved. For Dungeon Master Quests, they REQUIRE you to use hard numbers.



  • They have 25O HP & 25O STA - NO MANA

After the squad dies, they're dead.

Each Unit member has detailed Ls & parameters listed on their Luminary Card!

Active & Knowledge Ls

Villager: Knowledge of Nature, Race Knowledge, First Aid, Cooking, Harvesting, Campfire

Soldier: Blade Mastery, Sheild Mastery, Sheild Mastery, Sword, Sheild, Block, Attack

Scout: Dodge, Advanced Sprinting, Stealth, Attack, Block










Multiple Squads - Only used for pitched battles that are organized by the Dungeon Masters. Details of this will be in the dungeon master’s description. But the same thing applies, just on a bigger scale.

*You can control the squad around your character, other units you spawn will be controlled by the Dungeon Masters.


You use them as you would as another character. Many beasts taming Ls falls in the “Life Ls” Category.

Intelligence Ls

*You can use up to 4 Ls per post, and each card once.

  • Some intelligence Ls only work on NPCs. Please take note of this.

  • Otherwise, the cards details what you can do, go for it!

Life Ls

  • Some skills require you to get certain ingredients. Ingredients are not luminaries. Using these ingredients you can often create a useful luminary that can be sold and used by other characters.


  • Some items are just too heavy and require strength, others require dexterity etc. & characters can only carry up to 5 item Ls, unless otherwise stated.

  • Gear Depletion Ls: Each one has random conditions. If you used an item extensively during a chapter, you will randomly get one after that chapter is over. Also note: certain luminaries can cause someone to get a gear depletion.

  • Coins / Currency: Under normal circumstances, characters can only hold up to 100 Gold Coins. Nobles can pull an unlimited amount from the bank. Other characters will have what they earn through role-playing.


Everyone will not have magic. Let me repeat this again: everyone will NOT have magic. This is low to medium fantasy rp. The main story focuses on humans, so the majority of the characters should be without magic. The more of a mage your character is, the harder it will be for you to do other Ls categories. Magic is hard to master, and depending on the race - it can be VERY difficult. If you really want magic - then go for it. If you’re on the fence, try another branch of Ls.

Magic has a diverse amount of abilities and capabilities, it uses MANA - Please note that the Arcane Ls is expensive because magic takes a long time to master.

Needed for magic use: Arcane (Passive Luminary -> Attribute -> Spirit -> Arcane) - Without this, you cannot perform magic. There will be spells that can blow up a whole field and destroy enemies - You think this won’t cost anything? It will! The most powerful spell draw from HP, MANA, and STAMINA….It’s a hard time for a mage…but once you get the hang of Ls, it can be an exciting class.

Each magic card gives specific instructions with the cost on the right. Follow the instructions, and you shall be fine!

On the spreadsheet - there are specific schools of magic. Get familiar with those. YES, they can mix, depending on the Active Luminary.

Can I submit a Luminary?

Yes. We will be very picky though, do not take it personally if we decide to edit or decline your application. We have a LONG list of luminaries to choose from, start picking from there first, and if there is something missing then feel free to apply.

Name of Luminary:


Sub Category:


Needed Passive Ls:


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