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The type of a location defines the place on the world and allows you to understand its relative size in the grand scheme of things. Hamlet, Village, City, Capital, Trade Town, Baron, Fortress? Etc


The population of a settlement is defined as the number of permanent citizens accounted for during the settlement's last census. It does not take into consideration itenerant visitors like travelling merchants, standing armies etc. Demographics are all about how the population of the settlement is distributed amongst different species, ethnicities, wealth classes, professions etc.


Here you can describe the way that the settlement is run. The laws, taxation and organization of the machine which is responsible to keep this settlement alive.


The defences of the settlement are the arrays and layers of infrastructure that make sure that the inhabitants and wealth of the settlement is safe. Palisades, walls, moats, towers, raised bridges etc. and their specifications can be described here.


Equipment, stores, valuables etc. Describe here the way that the settlement stays afloat. What do its inhabitants do for a living. Which are the most important imports, exports and manufacturing taking place in the settlement.


Settlements, from the smallest town to the most thriving of metropolicies is moved one direction or another by the organizations which affect its politics and finiancial development. Describe here which are these factions for this settlement.


Infrastructure: What have the entrepreneurial spirits of this settlement built? Examples include watermills and windmills, sewers, courtyards, blast furnaces, roads, bridges, shipyards etc.Which is the style of architecture used in this settlement? Which is the stone or wood used for the walls of its buildings? How do people traditionally adorn their structures (e.g. white picket fences, whitewashed walls with ocean blue roofs or brightly coloured door)


Describe the location's geographic features. Is the terrain a plain, a mountain or rolling hills? Does it have access to fresh water via a river or a lake? Is it at the edge of a sea or an ocean? You can also talk about the views and natural beauty of the location. Wood from the forests, grain from the fields, sheeps in the rolling hills and metals and stone from the bowels of the earth. Natural resources define all the assets that can be found by prospectors, or can be exploited by the population living in, or near by this location


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Cities, Guilds, Kingdoms, Religious organizations can own territories, buildings or whole cities. Define here which of your world's organizations claims ownership over this location.

Nothing here? You will need to create an organization first!.


The parent location defines in which locations area this location is included. If your location is a mountain range the parent location can be a planetary body, a continent or an island depending on how granularly you want to "nest" your locations.

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