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In a world far from our own, live the people of Aeria. It is a world of fantasy and wonder that has been in political control by the Iskander family for hundreds of years. The origin of the people are unknown, with many diverse belief and religion systems...but one thing is for sure: whoever or whatever created the humans probably didn’t expect them to rule over the other powerful tribes.

In more recent years, the latest human king - The Storm Killer, The Unbroken, The Slayer of orcs, The Unchained, The Man of Many Lovers, The Unchallenged - Raenaldus Iskander, has passed. With his death, he is leaving the world with turmoil, secrets, and has ignited a new quest for the crown. The politicians of the world now seek the throne. With Raenaldus having over 14 known, legitimate children, finding a suitable suitor will not be easy. The façade of peace that King Raenaldus has brought to the human region will soon be over. This region is known as Vornair, the most powerful nation that exists in the Aerian region. The people of Vornair aren’t exposed to the dangers and magic of the world, often isolating for the sake of safety and protection. The small few humans that have experienced other regions of Aeria are the adventurers and the lords, and soldiers designated on the outskirts of the massive kingdom. With news of the king’s death, it is quite clear that the structures and the secrets that he tried to uphold will soon come crashing down.

Many tribes of the world have various conflicts, based on different cultural belief systems. Even tribes who share the same lineage are at risk of war and turmoil. These tribes have created a generation of quest takers and politicians who are beyond flawed, creating a world of characters with conflicting desires and aspirations. In the Saga of the Crown, it is hard to see who is “good” and who is “evil”.

The fate of Aeria is among the current generation of heroes and lords...who will become the next ruler of this land of chaos, and who will help them?

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