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High Priest(ess)


Guild Leader

The first lord of a Vanderhill duchy. (x2)

A general of sorts.

The first lord of a Vanderhill duchy.

The lord of a military post.

You lead a guild of some kind.



A lord of a particular settlement: town, city etc.

You answer directly to your duke.







Mage (Stitch)




LIEGE: Designed for politicians, but not restricted to them. (MAX 2 from this category)


Secret Holder

King Slayer

First of Iron

You are a recognized, legitimate child of Iskander. The DECEASED KING had married you away to a tribe. You have now returned to claim the throne out of spite. 

The DECEASED KING has revealed to you a few secrets. One of them is the identity of all of his children.

You have blatantly came out as the rightful keeper of the throne. It is rumored you killed the DECEASED KING... are these rumors true?

You lead with an iron fist, even harsher than the DECEASED KING

The Groom or Bride

The Royal Groom or Bride

The Bitter Bastard

The Fortune Teller

Before passing, the DECEASED KING has arranged a marriage between you and one of his children.

You are a child of the DECEASED KING. He arranged your marriage to a noble of Vornair. It hasn't happened yet. Will you go through with the marriage?

You are a bastard child of ___ and THE DECEASED KING. You attempted to “save” the queen, but secretly gave her location to be killed by the goblin tribe.

You are the sibling of the First of Iron and prophesied the death of the DECEASED KING, but no one believed you

You have a romantic relationship with the second-in-command of your domain’s enemy. You made a lot of kingdom decisions without the DECEASED KING knowing.

You used to be a knight for the DECEASED KING. Now that you've risen in rank, you plan on leading an attack on an enemy tribe.  

You seek to break the power of the DECEASED KING and get rid of the crown altogether.

You were adopted by the DECEASED KING. You are in alliance with an “enemy” tribe.

You are a bastard child of the DECEASED KING and a __. You seek the crown to give it to the __ people.

Brother of the DECEASED KING

A bastard child of the DECEASED KING and a Human Noble

You are the male knight who tried to save the queen. You were secretly a lover of the king.

You worshipped the DECEASED KING, but he treated you horribly. Still, it seems like you’re not dealing with his death too well.

You’re a child of the DECEASED KING, but you don’t know it.

You are the cousin of the VASSAL and had a secret affair with the DECEASED KING.

You are a bastard child of the DECEASED KING and __. Before his death, the king unofficially promised you the crown.

ADVENTUERUR: Designed for Quest Takers, but not restricted to them. (MAX 2 from this category)

You're a completely regular lower ranked noble who worked hard and became one of the most recognized adventurers, for better or worse. Your reputation is impossible to ignore and forces you to disguise yourself in towns/cities.

You're a former adventurer trying to get back into the game. This is all just for money and you couldn't care less about who's going to rule- aren't they all the same anyway?

They say you've never failed at a quest, but the one time you almost did, you set almost an entire Vornair village on fire.

You're a peasant who managed to scrounge up enough money to get armor and trained to become a strong adventurer.

You were once a celebrated guard, handpicked by the king himself. Your loyalty once lay with the DECEASED KING, but with his passing, you have abandoned your station and now follow your own calling.

You were a lesser noble who was taken ransom by bandits. When your family decided to call their bluff and not pay up, you murdered your captors yourself by burning their hideout to the ground. You were presumed to have died with them, but now you wander as an adventurer under a new identity.

You were a simple peasant until your village was attacked by bandits. You were the only survivor since you cowered in the shadows and hid as your family was slaughtered. Now, you’ve picked up a sword for the first time in your life, and are determined to find vengeance.

Directly or Indirectly, you

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