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Kingdom of Mann, Kingdom of Humans, The Kingdom of Plague (Referred to by Umilis Tribes)


  • The main point of view/focus for the Saga of the Crown Roleplay. (Year: 33 AD)


Southeast of the __ bordering the shores of ____

Bodies of Water:


Southern East:


Mostly Humans and a few other Hominum tribes. They tend to be isolated from outsiders and naive of the magics of the world.


Vanderhill - A large city placed high in the mountains. Peasants and lower class reside outside of the gates of the city.


The power of Mann shall be the greatest reverence to the gods.


The head of the Iskander family serves as the monarch & ruler.


Domain Structures: Vornair —> Duchies —> Counties —> Settlements (Where you role-play)

Duchies of Vornair:

Grand Duchy: Voloryn: Grand duchy - Vanderhill (Capital) - Leader: Monarch (The Iskander Family)

Other Five Douchies: Wirdor, Ayarus, Sepia, Pralavia, Irvaya

King’s First Doven: A court person that serves as the advisor and second-in-command in the king’s absence.

The Advisory Council: Serve as the advisors and create law proposals to the king, they also hold specific titles that are related to their expertise, serving as the “head chancellors” of various aspects of the kingdom.

The Council of Mann: is the advisory board that includes the surrounding Hominum tribal leaders. They advise on foreign affairs but have no true power.

The Grand Council (*Referenced as members of the Doven): These hold lords of the 6 Duchies, although they create and execute their own laws for their personal duchies, they report to the King, pay taxes to the monarch, and give advisory input on laws, conflict, and other kingdom affairs.


The Coin of Mann:

Copper - (Modern Day $1 USD)

Silver - (Modern Day $25 USD)

Gold - (Modern Day $50 USD)

Vornair mainly used a combination of trade and coin for transactions, depending on the duchy / county / settlement.

Main Export: Weapons & Iron

Main Import: Ore


Vornair stays separated from the rest of the world. The Deceased King has been creating many poorly maintained treaties and poor/unstable relationships with domains outside of Vornair. It seems to be on the fringe of collapsing into a large war.


Knights of Honor: These knights were recruited from a young age to devote their lives to the chair. They are recruited or even taken from various Douchies in Vornair.


Social Class: For the most part, the nobles of Vornair follow the classic medieval social class structure - (There are some variants.)

Family Houses: Various houses have different power and advantages based on the resources that they have. A house may not have a member as a duke, but may have more power than the noble with a duke title. It all depends. Some houses hold many trading routes, some houses that provide major crops/supplies, and other houses provide the best warriors.

Nobles: Often referred to as members of a grand house, politicians, and titleholders.

Knights: Highly revered and trained heroes.

Vassals: Leader of Barons and Military posts.

Gentry: Merchant, Farmers, Craftsmen - On rare occasions, they could have as much power as a noble, depending on their economic fortitude.

Peasants: Servants, Serfs, and the poor folk.

Religion: Needs to be added

Spoken Language: The Common Tongue


Vornair has main roads and trade routes on the borders of the duchies, these are guarded by various military entities in the kingdom.

Vornair has advanced sewage systems and average infrastructure compared to more advanced domains. The infrastructure and technology vary from duchy to duchy.

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