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This is the best and most efficient way to obtain a music distribution agreement. This is a step-by-step guide to help you get your deal. Because it is common sense, I won't tell you how important your song should be in terms of being a hit. If your song isn't a hit, this may not work. The song must have the same quality as the other songs on the market. It should be professionally mastered, otherwise it will be difficult to push it.

Step 1 in securing a music distribution Submit to Apple Music deal is to record at least 15 songs. Most distribution companies won't allow less than that. A CD should contain 3 to 5 songs. If you have the time, include the song you played on the radio. You should not let anyone know which song will play. These three songs should be shared with family, friends, and the internet. Your music can be sold on the streets.

Step 2 in securing a music distribution agreement: After you have sold enough CD's to your local neighborhoods, you can then put the song on the radio and get it played at the club. It's crucial to convince them to play the song in order to secure a distribution deal. It shouldn't take long for him to continue playing the song after he has played it. Let's say you get a hit, and people react to it. If the DJ stops playing your song, go back to step 1 and find another DJ.

Step 3: Contact an independent distributor company to discuss a music distribution agreement. Look through the CD's of artists in your genre to find music distributors. Or, you can search the library for reference materials. In terms of credibility, books are better than the internet. You don't want a small distribution company with no staff. Send them your 15-song album, pressed and ready for them.

Step 4 in securing a music distribution agreement: Get your radio station to play your song. Be creative, do whatever it takes to push your record. Start in your own city and travel 50 miles around it- north, south. west. You should get as much airplay as possible for your song. The public will support you by this point because they will feel that your music is moving up. You should get paid shows in addition to radio and club play. Make sure you get local press coverage and do everything possible to make it happen. Publicize your advertisement before you place it. It would be smart to advertise on television with simple graphics ads. You can also stick to trade magazines if you don't have enough money. Music websites are a great way to advertise your products and services. Although I don't smoke cigarettes, I know a lot about Newport.

Step 5 in obtaining a music distribution agreement: Send in publicity from local publications if a distribution company hasn't called you back. Distribution companies can listen in on radio stations to see if you are playing, even if they live in another area. You don't have to lie. Just be you and you will be granted the deal. You will move units if you have radio play and buzz. Music distributors consider this a key factor when giving an artist a distribution agreement. Although these steps may not seem like secret steps, it can be difficult to imagine them as secret if you don’t know.

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