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Different kinds of reptiles

A summary of what a reptile is.

Reptiles are vertebrate animals which are characterized by their special way of moving, many move by dragging their tummies, or abdomen, on or close to the ground. Reptiles are cold blooded oviparous that means they reproduce by egg: when the eggs develop and hatch, the babies are identical to their parent. Their skin are strong and resistant scales.

A Turtle

What are reptiles?

An in-depth guide to reptiles. Check this out thoroughly!

Reptiles Vs. Fish

Fish and reptiles have different inequalities about themselves.

See the reference below to find out about what is the difference between fish and reptiles.

The difference between reptiles and fish

Question 1: What is the difference between a reptile and a fish?m

Question 2: How do reptiles regulate their body temperature?

Question 3: Explain the relationship modern reptiles have with ancient dinosaurs.

Question 4: Reptiles shed skin on a normal basis. How does shedding skin help them thrive, as a whole? Provide examples.

Question 5: Different reptiles have different defense mechanism against predators. List the defense mechanisms of turtles, snakes, and lizards. Try to find some of the more exotic methods of defense!

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