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Bibliography #3: 

  • Worrall, William. "Wait, Did Call of Duty Just Prove That Video Games Are Art?" CCN.com, 3 Apr. 2020, www.ccn.com/wait-did-call-of-duty-just-prove-that-video-games-are-art/.

Summary of the source:

  • Players and video games fans believed video games are art but many people disagreed with them so they tried to argue for decades but finally video games fans were successful in 2011 the United States officially designated video games as an art and allowed them to get art grants. Call Of Duty was really effective on this decision 


  • This article shows how video games can change rules or even major of the art so it obviously means video games can be important exactly Call Of Duty because after Activision won the lawsuit COD may have been the unlikely title to prove definitively that video games are art. this changes helps developer to work easier without any fear of being sued by another company for copyright 


  • “Call of Duty publisher Activision just won a major lawsuit that may have permanently silenced the debate about whether video games are art” (Worrall).

  • “It seems like the use of Humvees in future Call of Duty: Modern Warfare titles is pretty much secured at this stage”(Worrall).

  • “Call Of Duty Just Did Gaming A Huge Favor” (Worrall).

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