The Influence of Background Music of Video Games on Immersion {{ currentPage ? currentPage.title : "" }}

Bibliography #8:

  • Zhang, Jiulin. Longdom Publishing SL | Open Access Journals, School of Psychology, Southwest University, Chongqing, China, 7 July 2015,

Summary of the source:

  • The background music has been proved to be an indispensable part in every successful video game. These results of present research showed that background music did increase participants’ immersion. But this improvement was likely just happened in low gamers. Game player gave them new data after this research which is interesting.


  • KOF: (The King of Fighters)

  • SCI: (sensory immersion, challenge-based immersion and imaginative immersion)


  • background music is important because all successful video games have one important element which we don’t pay attention to it like graphics and story because it is not visible but we hear that all the time during the game play, we call them video games but audio play an important part in video games. The background music, referring to all the sound (including music and sound effect) appeared in the video game. testing video game players shows they answer questions about game better and improves they ability during the game.


  • “Although we usually call computer games as “video” games, the audio also plays an important part in video games.”(Zhang)

  • “The background music plays a significant role in the immersive quality of a video game”(Zhang)

  • “Background music improves the narrative experience and can be used to guide the player through the game”(Zhang)

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