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Bibliography #6:

  • Jung, Tristan. "How Do Bullets Work in Video Games?" Gamasutra - The Art & Business of Making Games, 6 Dec. 2019,

Summary of the source:

  • Graphical upgrades from begging to now, it will explain shooting mechanism in shooting video games. explain how they use physics method to make games more real and mechanism for pointing gun and direction of the bullet in the video games as a part of art. it is also about types of bullet simulations.

  • telling us information why don’t all the games use hitscan method and why bullet simulation is fancy.


  • FPS: First-person shooter

  • Hitscan: In first-person shooter games, a hitscan weapon is one that, when fired, instantly hits whatever the weapon is pointing at.


  • Hitscan is a good method for shooting video games to aim and shoot target which can be different in every games but most of the time is human or any wight but has some lack for bullet travel time, gravity affect and wind during the game. in Projectile Ballistics every bullet is new physics object in the environment Max Payne is a good example with slow motion during the shooting, tracking the sniper bullet and realistic art. any force that should act on the bullet which is wasn't possible in hitscan, combining both techniques can cover the lack of each system and make it more real in hybrid system.


  • “we will be able to approach the asymptotic limit of “real-life” bullet simulation.”(Jung)

  • “There are also multiple ways to do the computations, but the high-level difference is where they decide to process a “tick” of a game, a unit of time measurement”(Jung)

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