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Bibliography #9:

  • Bogost, Ian. "Video Games Are Better Without Stories." The Atlantic, 25 Apr. 2017,

Summary of the source:

  • This article is about old dream to influence the whole game with our decision exactly like our real world and it will be more interesting for players, it can be like revolution in video game field but its an impossible dream because video game needs to be created first then play so if our decision be different from what they made we are not able to do what do we want. Environmental storytelling offers a solution to this conundrum. Instead of trying to resolve the matter of simulated character and plot, the genre gives up on both, embracing scripted action instead.


  • walking simulators were always doomed to be a transitional form. The gag of a game with no gameplay might seem political at first, but it quickly devolves into conceptualism, To dream of the Holodeck is just to dream a complicated dream of the novel. If there is a future of games, let alone a future in which they discover their potential as a defining medium of an era, it will be one in which games abandon the dream of becoming narrative media and pursue the one they are already so good at: taking the tidy, ordinary world apart and putting it back together again in surprising, ghastly new ways.


  • “It’s an almost impossible bar to reach, for cultural reasons as much as technical ones. One shortcut is an approach called environmental storytelling ”(Bogost)

  • “As in Doom and BioShock and almost every other first-person game ever made”(Bogos)

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