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Magic Tahini Sauce

Simple but mighty: these are versatile items that you can put on almost anything!

If you have 1-2 salad dressings and 1-2 sauces in your repertoire, you can create endless interesting combos, with little effort beyond combining random stuff from your fridge.

These dressings/sauces can help you end the era of spoiled leftovers and produce.

Heading out of town? You can make an 'everything salad,' with everything in the fridge as 'toppings.' Leftover rice from Indian takeout? Turns out it's an awesome salad topper! Leftover breakfast potatoes? Potatoes are shockingly good on a salad. Couple random pieces of bread? Make croutons! Tie it all together with a tasty dressing, and you might be surprised to discover that the everything salad is your new favorite salad.

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