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While we're making progress, sex toys for women are still not as well-known or accepted as they should be. There is still a long way to go before society catches up with the importance of female pleasure and sexual satisfaction.The idea that women should be ashamed of their bodies and experiences underlies many societal norms about sex. If they do enjoy it, then they are sluts; if they don't enjoy it, then there's something wrong with them (e.g., frigid). These unhealthy attitudes can make it difficult for some women to get turned on and/or orgasm during intercourse without using a vibrator or realistic dildo first—and even then, some people think this means those women aren't "real" lesbians because they need penetration from another person in order to get off! It doesn't help matters that most male partners will only touch your clitoris during foreplay but won't continue stimulating you once penetration has begun—even though your G-spot is located inside your vagina! Since your fingers can't go as deep. Try the amazing G-spot sex toys from Lovevib!

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