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It's a fact: orgasms are good for your health. We've already covered how they can help with sleep and depression, but there are other ways they can improve your life, too.For example, did you know that orgasmic pleasure helps keep your immune system strong? When we orgasm, our bodies release oxytocin—the same chemical released during breastfeeding and cuddling—which helps reduce stress levels by making us feel relaxed and happy. Plus, when we're happy, our whole body works better!Orgasms also help us get in the mood for sex more often by releasing endorphins—the same feel-good chemicals that make exercise so effective at boosting moods (and making us want to go back for more). These endorphins prompt the brain to release dopamine into our bodies as well; this hormone helps control hunger and gives us feelings of euphoria. In other words: orgasms make it easier for women to enjoy sex with Clit rose sucking sex toy and get turned on more often!

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