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Your first step should be to find the best place to buy a vibrator. There are many online retailers who sell these the rosebud suction toys for women, but you'll find that some of them are more reliable than others. Before making any purchases, make sure you check out reviews and customer ratings on websites like Amazon, Ebay and Google Shopping. This will give you an idea of how trustworthy each retailer is and whether or not they have good policies for refunds or exchanges.Once you've chosen your preferred retailer, it's time to decide which type of vibrator will suit your needs best. In general there are two different types: internal (inserted inside) and external (used externally). If this is your first time using one then I recommend starting with an external vibration as they tend to be gentler on new users than their internal counterparts - however this isn't always true depending on how sensitive your clitoris may be! So take care when choosing what kind works best for you personally; if after buying one but don't enjoy using it at all then try another type next time around instead wasting money again down

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