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When you're ready to buy your first G spot sex toys for women (or if you're looking for a new one), there are certain things to look for:Make sure it has different speeds. The vibrations should be strong, but not too strong—you don't want to numb out your clitoris!Make sure it's waterproof. This makes cleaning much easier and lets you take your toy into the shower or bathtub with you.Buy a battery-operated model. If possible, opt for an electric toothbrush–style battery pack so that you can use rechargeable batteries and not have to replace them regularly in the middle of playtime. (If this sounds like too much work, stick with disposable ones.)Get a silicone vibrator over other materials like vinyl or jelly rubber—it'll last longer without breaking down from body fluids being absorbed into its surface over time when used often enough on regular basis; plus they tend feel better against sensitive skin than plastic does because they don't retain heat as easily when heated up by friction during sexual activity between partners using hands during intercourse session; also make sure #4 above is followed before buying any kind of material besides silicone because some brands may contain chemicals harmful if ingested orally although unlikely since consumers rarely chew on their sex toys long enough without swallowing bits pieces off until tiny pieces get stuck inside throat causing choking sensation which could've been prevented had proper precautions been taken beforehand."

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