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We know what you're thinking: vibrators are just for solo play. But guess what? That's not true. The cheap rose sucking sex toy can be an incredible way to add some spice to your relationship and take it to the next level, whether you're with a new partner or your long-term love. They can help you and your partner explore new things in bed, or just add some excitement to something that's become a bit stale. Here are four ways vibrators can improve your relationships: 1. Vibrators provide a safe way to explore fantasies without having to worry about judgment from your partner or feeling like you're being pressured into something because of their desires. 2. Vibrators can help couples get in touch with their bodies again after childbirth by helping them feel more comfortable with their own sexuality again—and it doesn't have to be awkward! 3. Vibrators can be used as foreplay between couples who aren't able to have intercourse due to health reasons (like diabetes), or because one partner has erectile dysfunction; they can also be used as a way of "spicing up" foreplay between couples who do engage in intercourse but want more excitement than what they're getting

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