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Group 4- Samir, Milo, Kendra, Nora

Hello group 4, you guys got the last two planets. Your group will have to use the links provided to find out information about your two planets. Then all the other astronauts will join up with you to get ready for take-off. Before we leave we need to make sure we know some information about these planets, so please be sure you are able to answer the following questions and have 2 interesting facts to share with the rest of the astronauts.

Please be prepared to answer the following questions about both of your planets.


What color are your planets?

What are your planets composed of, is it rock or gas?

Do your planets have any moons?

Have your planets ever been visited by humans, if so could humans live on these planets why or why not?

Are your planets bigger or smaller than Earth?


What is the average temperature of this planet?

How long is the average day in Uranus?


How many Earth years does it take Neptune to orbit the sun?

List some of the weather Neptune has.

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