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Group 1- Ashley, Nya, Caleb, Layla

Hello, 1st group of soon-to-be astronauts, you have been assigned Mercury and Venus. Your group needs to answer the questions under each of the three sections. Do not use any other websites/hyperlinks other than the ones provided in Resources. Once you are finished, your group needs to find two interesting facts about these planets. Type the interesting facts in a Word Document so you can share them with the other soon-to-be astronauts. Again, ONLY use the hyperlinks provided in the Resources tab.

Both Planets:

  • What are the colors of Mercury and Venus?

  • What are these planets composed of? (rock or gas)

  • Is this planet habitable or inhabitable? (can you live here) Why or Why not?

  • Do these planets have any moons? If so, how many?

  • What are these planets distance from the sun in miles?


  • What is the temperature of this planet when it’s side faces the sun? Is a human able to live in this type of temperature?

  • What is the size of this planet compared to the others in the solar system?


  • Describe this planet in two words and explain.

  • What is this planet called when it is compared to Earth? Explain why.

2 interesting facts about Mercury and Venus.

  • Type this in a Word Document to later share with others.

  • You and your group quietly discuss why these two facts were the most interesting.

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