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Group 2- Tyler, Kathryn, George, Hayden (Earth and Mars)

Hello group 2, here are your questions to finds answers to. There are overall questions about both planets to answer and there are questions specifically about each planet. They are listed below. Don’t forget to find two interesting facts about each planet as well. Put your information in a Word document or PowerPoint because you will be sharing it with the class later. Be descriptive in your answers. It will help you with the mural project. Remember, there is NO surfing the internet. Use the hyperlinks in the resource tab on the left.

Overall Questions:

  • What color is the planet?

  • What is this planet composed of? Rock or Gas?

  • Does the planet have a moon/s?

  • Has the planet been visited by humans?

  • Is it a habitable or uninhabitable planet?

  • What is Earth’s distance from Mars?

Earth Questions:

  • What is Earth’s distance from the sun?

  • How old is Earth?

  • How many layers is Earth made up of? (Describe them)

  • What is Earth’s atmosphere made up of?

  • What is Earth’s diameter?

Mars Questions:

  • What is Mars’s distance from the sun?

  • Why is Mars called the “Red Planet?”

  • What is the name of the volcano on Mars?

  • What is the diameter of Mars?

  • What is the atmosphere like on Mars?

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