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Hello future space cadets, as you know you have been selected to travel to outer space by The Space Command Center. But first, you have to gather information about the eight planets. There are four groups in total and each group has to answer questions about the two planets they were given. You also have to find two interesting facts about your planets per group. On the left, you will see subpages, click on the one that belongs to your group and follow the prompt. There are hyperlinks in the resource tab to the left to help you find your information as well. There is NO surfing of the internet. Use a Word document or PowerPoint to put your information together to share with the class. Each group member should answer at least one question depending upon how many questions are on your planet page and everyone needs to speak during the presentation. In the end, your mission is simple, everyone will come together to draw out the solar system in a mural. Ready, Set, Go!

Mural Group Project: There will be butcher paper hung up on the wall in the back of the classroom. After your group has shared their information with the class. You will go back there and draw your two planets. To the best of your ability draw them in the correct size, shape, color, and distance from each other. Materials are supplied for you to use such as markers, pencils, crayons, rulers, and tracing objects.

Group 1- Ashley, Nya, Caleb, Layla (Mercury and Venus)

Group 2- Tyler, Kathryn, George, Hayden (Earth and Mars)

Group 3- Logan, Emmanuel, Ellie, Azami (Jupiter and Saturn)

Group 4- Samir, Milo, Kendra, Nora (Uranus and Neptune)

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