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Final (in-class) Mural

Student is unsure of planet placement/ color

Basic requirements met

Shares information learned with the class effectively.

___/4 (25%)

Content of group research

Information does not answer the questions fully.

Minimum effort in finding information.

Meets expectations and includes interesting facts.

___/4 (25%)


Students did not discuss their information prior to group project.

Information was discussed but there is confusion.

Everyone is on the same page and knows the answers to each others questions.

___/4 (25%)

Important facts

Only one interesting fact.

Two interesting facts were stated.

Students have two interesting and relating facts.

___/4 (25%)


No pictures were included. Unorganized information.

Creative elements throughout.

Clear organization between information and creative aspects

___/4 (25%)

Total Grade

___/20 (100%)

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