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Welcome to the resource page, this is where you will be able to find all the links you need to do the research on your planets. Be sure that you are not surfing the web in any way, you need to stay on the page that shows up when you click on the highlighted word. Also, future astronauts, you need to make sure you are looking at the information labeled under your group or the hyperlinks that are labeled for everyone. One more quick reminder before I send you off to learn about space, do not go off the webpage you are sent to surfing the web will result in points off your final grade.

Everyone can find facts about all the planets here.

Group 1: Mercury and Venus

You can find astronomy information about Mercury here

You can find Mercury facts here

You can find astronomy information about Venus here

There are statistics for Venus here

Group 2: Earth and Mars

Here are the statistics about Earth

Here is a summary and facts about Earth

Here is the important statistics about Mars

Here is some important paragraphs about Mars

Group 3: Jupiter and Saturn

This is NASA’s official website about Jupiter

You can find interesting facts here

Here is all the information about Saturn

Group 4: Uranus and Neptune

Find the Q&A about Uranus here

Quality facts about Uranus

You can find astronomy about Neptune

Fun facts about Neptune

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