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The Lightsaber Fights are a short-lived video series. They are footage of a lightsaber fight, as stated by this page’s title.


The videos are, as the name implies, a parody of Star Wars. They are also the first instance in which Character 1 appears in person. She is revealed to be quite young, with brown curly hair and eyes, and a slender figure. The videos showcase the duo engaging in a friendly round of fencing, complete with someone knocking over the camera, much to Character 2’s anger. The first video showcases their round, and the camera is left on hold for a while, until Character 1 picks up the camera, sets it up, and the two proceed to to duel. Nobody wins, as the duel footage is cut short by an intermission(due to Character 1 claiming to be “so tired”). The next round showcases a baby named Winter participating in the duels, and she wins(apparently).

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